coffee & bergamot

We are planning what to do for v-day and he suggested brunch at Colette. The place looks gorgeous but the problem with Toronto these days is that there are many gorgeous places. To help make the decision, we tested out the coffee yesterday and it was pretty meh. I’m not saying so so coffee necessarily implies so so food but, since we don’t eat out very often, we need to make decisions.

Pusateri’s opened another location recently in the basement of Saks. We figured that we should get some coffee as we browsed through the shelves. It was not very good yet comfortingly familiar. After a while, I realized that it reminded me of the coffee sold in the math computing building at school. I guess it just goes to show how much the quality of my life has improved.

We did pick up some yummies: Milford Bay trout pate and candied bergamot peel and the latter tastes like crushed velvet. I’m beginning to think that the most interesting taste profile is not that of wine or chocolate or coffee but citrus.

img src=wikipedia

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