favorite places and spaces

Maybe not traveling is not a realistic resolution for me. Maybe I can constrain myself to the thirty countries that I’ve been?

img src=unusualtraveler

1. Not visiting Gabon to swim with surfing hippos

2. Not visiting Pakistan to drive the Karakoram Highway (see above)

3. Not visiting Spain to see The Alhambra

4. Not visiting Denmark to walk the Aarhus Art Museum

5. Not visiting Sweden to stay at the Nordic Watercolor Museum

So where will I go?

5. Will visit Italy to stay at the Geisler Hut

4. Will visit Japan to walk the Kumano Kodo

3. Will visit China to check out design spaces in Shanghai (see below)

2. Will visit US to eat BBQ at Hemingway South Carolina

1. Will visit Canada to hike Newfoundland

img src=enroute

P.S. The List

30. Australia
29. China
28. Japan
27. Korea
26. South Africa
25. Namibia
24. Jordon
23. Israel
22. Turkey
21. Italy + Vatican
20. France + Monaco
19. Germany
18. Austria
17. Belgium
16. Netherlands
15. United Kingdom + Bermuda
14. Ireland
13. Iceland
12. Switzerland
11. United States
10. Mexico
09. Canada
08. Colombia
07. Ecuador
06. Peru
05. Bolivia
04. Chile
03. Argentina
02. Guatemala
01. Panama

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