what i will eat (& drink) in japan (part i)

Day 1: Train from Kansai Airport Station to Namba Station, check into hotel, coffee @ Takamura, walk around Hozenji Yokocho and eat okonomiyaki @ Houzenji Sanpei, followed by Meoto Zenzai, check out the four floor Muji store which is open until 9 pm

Day 2 AM: 8 am coffee @ Mill Pour, 9 am visit Osaka Castle and designer bathroom (see picture)

Day 2 PM: Coffee @ Hood by Vargas, visit Floating Garden Observatory, buy sweets at Hankyu Umeda Main Store, dinner at hankyu sanbangai food museum

Day 3: 5 am breakfast @ Endo Sushi in Osaka Fish Market, train from Namba Station to Gokurakubashi Station, cable car to Koyasan, check into Jokiin (常喜院), book evening cemetery tour and eat vegetarian temple food

img src=fathomaway


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