how I celebrate my birthday: actual versus expected

In November, I documented how I expected to celebrate my birthday. Starting a new job in January meant actual was quite different from expected.

In the morning, I took a short taxi ride from my very nice hotel (Nassauer Hof, which reminded me of the place we stayed at in St Wolfgang (Hotel Garni Seevilla)) to the Athene office in Abraham Lincoln Park. Meetings, lunch, coffee went great.

Since I noted that the local bus stops at Abraham Lincoln Strasse, I thought I would be adventurous and take the bus back to the hotel. After walking around in circles for fifteen minutes, I concluded that the only way to walk the 500 meters between Abraham Lincoln Park and Abraham Lincoln Strasse is on the grass beside a highway. So I celebrated my birthday by walking on grass beside highway!

P.S. Used to walk on the grass beside a highway all the time before RGA moved into its new global headquarter in Chesterfield. However, I had this illusion that everything in Germany is well designed so this was a bit shocking.

P.P.S. Celebrated the day after my birthday by walking with Oliver through the Cologne Carnival crowds.

img src=Stacey Green


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