two days in VCE

We are flying into Venice before taking the train into the Italian Alps

> Last time stayed on the west side so this time on the east side: “Castello’s calm is punctuated with the lively chatter of sightseers walking through Riva Degli Schiavoni, the busy avenue that connects St. Mark’s Square to Venice’s Biennale Gardens”

> What I learned the last time: “It is said by J. G. Links, the author of Venice for Pleasure, that the only direction you will get from a Venetian is ‘sempre dritto’ (dritto being the Venetian contraction for diritto). This is approximately ‘always direct’, or even ‘straight ahead’. The orienteer constrained by ‘either/or’ logic, implicitly expects the single ‘best’ direction. However, this poor soul will miss the greater truth in the statement ‘sempre dritto’ of our fleeting acquaintance. What he is telling us is: “Where you are going does not depend on the particular path you take. In Venice, there are beautiful things on each path. Take one. Do not worry about the path taking you to your destination. Your destination will find you.” And now, to you my friend, I say, sempre dritto”

> Nevertheless, this time I’m already planning to attend 7 am service at San Marco on Sunday; visit the bell tower of San Giorgio Maggiore; and eat cicheti in the old Lido fish market

img src=Luca Girardini


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