train trip in japan

1: “kumiko woodwork that embellishes the interior of the Seven Stars does not use a single nail. Instead, each minuscule, thin, wooden chip is fitted together by hand in this traditional technique. Try your hand at assembling a kumiko woodwork, an art that has been handed down in Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, from the comfort of the train”

2: “forerunner of Japan’s sleeper trains, the Twilight Express ran between Osaka and Sapporo. Although the popular service was discontinued in 2015, its pride and tradition live on, in MIZUKAZE”

3: “every room is furnished with wall panels that use a very rare Joboji lacquer from Iwate Prefecture and closets that are designed to resemble traditional chests from Sendai City, displaying an uncompromising feeling of craftsmanship”

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