2012 to 2020

In 2012, I set the goal of traveling less

In 2020, I think I will finalize achieve my goal (thank you coronavirus)

> Jan LA with mum and dad
> Feb How to imagine St Petersburg in Toronto
> Apr Maybe I should go climb Mount Rainier this summer?
> Jun Chicago with James
> Aug Montreal with James
> Sep Iceland with mum and dad

> Jan SF with James
> Apr Jordan with Denise
> Sep Namibia with mum and dad

> May Utah with mum and dad
> Jun NY with James
> Aug Two years ago, I really wanted to visit Uyuni. Today, I’m more interested in exploring different parts of this continent
> Sep DC

> Jan Louisiana with James
> Apr Bolivia with mum and dad
> Sep Oregon with James
> Oct Stay-cation
> Dec How to imagine Japan

> Feb Colombia with mum and dad
> Mar How to imagine France
> Apr NY with James
> Sep Austria with James
> Oct Maybe castles are just a state of mind!
> Nov Time to start thinking about new year’s resolutions and I’m thinking 2017 can be the year to travel without traveling

> Feb My year of traveling without traveling: 10% complete
> Mar Okay. I will be traveling during my year of traveling without traveling
> Jun Newfoundland with mum and dad
> Sep Japan with James (walking around Koyasan in the rain wow)

> Jun Ireland with James
> Jul Boston with James
> Aug Italy with mum and dad
> Sep One reason to not travel in 2019 is that so much has happened the past year that I have accumulated so many unsorted travel pictures

> May Chicago with James
> Jul Miami with James
> Aug Japan with James
> Oct Brugge for Athora half marathon
> Nov Paris

> Nowhere 🙂


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