33 x 3 = 99

heard about this challenge to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months and decided to quantify my closet:

10x pants (3x uniqlo EZY black/gray/navy; 2x black; 2x prints; 1x cobalt; 1x blush; 1x grey sweat; 0x leather)
6x skirts (1x cos black [top picture]; 1x gray skater; 1x brown; 1x black/navy stripe; 1x club monaco cobalt; 1x cos corduroy [picture below])
3x shorts (1x black; 1x navy; 1x denim)
19x bottoms

8x shirts (1x cos black; 1x uniqlo white; 1x uniqlo navy; 3x zara white/navy stripe [picture below]; 1x muji blue flannel; 1x print from mum)
5x long sleeve (1x vineyard vines oatmeal boatneck; 1x white; 2x navy; 1x cobalt)
11x short sleeve (1x black; 1x gray [top picture]; 1x cos white; 1x bennetton white; 3x madewell white/navy stripe [picture below]; 1x blush; 1x red heart; 1x zara interior print; 1x joe fresh trim t)
5x sleeveless (1x club monaco white long; 1x j crew white ladder trim [picture below]; 1x champagne; 1x banana republic navy dot; 1x red dot)
4x tank (1x fcuk gray; 1x lululemon white open back [picture above]; 1x white/navy stripe; 1x black with white front)
33x tops

8x dresses (2x black; 1x white; 1x gray sweater [picture below]; 1x navy cos; 1x persifor navy dot [picture below]; 1x silver; 1x blush worn to city hall; 0x wrap since when is wrap dress french girl style anyway)
0x overalls
subtotal = 19 + 33 + 8 = 60


4x blazers (1x black; 2x jcrew navy [pictures below]; 1x cobalt)
3x sweatshirt (1x gray; 1x white oversize; 1x bermuda navy hoodie)
3x cardigan (1x gray; 1x white; 1x champagne)
6x sweaters (2x his shrunken ones; 1x cos cobalt; 1x sheep; 1x cotelac print [picture below]; 1x madewell sweatshirt)
subtotal = 60 + 16 = 76

2x long jackets for visiting canada (1x navy; 1x red)
2x short jacket (1x black; 1x gray)
1x trench coat (1x navy)
subtotal = 76 + 5 = 81


2x pumps (1x mustard from madewell; 1x olive from cos)
4x flats (1x tom chicago [picture below]; 1x muji black black sole; 1x muji black white sole; 1x muji blue [top picture])
4x sandals (1x tom black leather sicily; 1x birkenstock; 1x dune [picture below]; 1x slippers)
1x slides
11 x shoes


total = 81 + 11 = 92 < 99 = 33 x 3

since it’s possible to wear the same thing in the fall and the spring, there are really three seasons to dress for

p.s. socks, underwear, rain jacket, ski pants, running outfits, hiking shoes excluded

p.p.s. inspo: pheobe philo + zoe kravitz + janet reno