maybe_buying: poo drops + irish whiskey


what shall i get on this trip to dublin and london?

aesop poo drops + irish whiskey?

p.s. other candidates in the blind tasting line up

1 Glenlivet Moray, Scotland
2 Yoichi Hokkaido, Japan
3 TBD Dublin, Ireland
4 TBD Kentucky, USA
5 Glenbreton Nova Scotia, Canada

DUB again (COUNT=1857)

hilton dublin

i++ dublin hilton garden inn is one of the few hotels where the room is much nicer than the picture (above). as someone who does not watch television (unless watching it with james), i want the set to take up as little space as possible

i++ eco denta + mint oil from holland & barrett. yes i am now a toothpaste fanatic

i++ mexican bagel @ itsa