baby 99

1x address book from my music teacher [top picture]
1x blocks from lina
2x re gift

1x cos sweatshirt [picture below]
1x year 2_4

4x dress (1x cos [picture below]; 1x tartan; 1x navy stripes; 1x polka dot from laolao)
4x pants (1x jeans; 1x cotton candy pink; 1x grey sweats; 1x navy corduroy from laolao)
8x year 1_2

1x long sleeve bodysuit (1x penguin)
1x month 6_12

1x short sleeve bodysuit (1x parade moose [picture below])
1x long sleeve kimono gown (1x parade cloud [picture below])
2x month 3_6

5x short sleeve bodysuit (1x gray; 1x green stripe)
3x long sleeve pullover gown (1x navy stripe; 1x green dino)
2x long sleeve kimono gown (2x parade pink stripe): “Stick with these until baby’s cord stump falls off. It’s the best way to keep it clean and irritation-free, and the gowns provide easy diaper access while keeping baby covered”
2x long sleeve gap footed one piece (1x pink stripe; 1 x pink cloud) [picture below]: “Look for ones with wide head openings and loose legs. It can be traumatic for both you and baby to put things over her head, so if even wide head openings prove too difficult, look for clothing that avoids the head entirely — side-snap Ts, kimono-style shirts”
12x month 0_3

2x hat from laolao
1x sun glasses
1x uggs
4x accessory

1x carrier (24 pounds)
1x travel system (stroller 50 pounds; car seat 30 pounds)
1x travel crib
1x herschel change mat
4x travel

1x xylophone
1x stroller toy
1x giant tangram
1x pink lemon
1x car
1x ducky from laoye
1x rock a stack from laoye
1x lot of links from laoye
1x sheepu from team athora
1x wooden house
10x toy

2x toy box
1x pencil box
1x play mat [bottom picture]
2x bunny bookends
1x cos craft smock [picture above]
1x sippy cup from fei
1x meal blocks for freezer [picture above]
1x breast pump
1x highchair [picture below]
1x baby tub
1x nail trimmer
total = 2 + 1 + 8 + 1 + 2 + 12 + 4 + 4 + 10 + 13 = 57

1x bedbox [bottom picture]

maybe not buying

not buying

p.s. socks excluded