love TO

From Montreal to Seattle, every single chocolate store I visited carried SOMA, which just goes to show that Toronto is the place to be. Here are 43 of my favorites …

To grab coffee
0. Sense Appeal (closed)
1. Tandem Coffee
2. Might & Main
3. Press Books

To grab something sweet
4/5. SOMA: aged balsamic vinegar infused into dark ganache (x2 cuz I love both locations)
6. Andrea’s Gerrard St Bakery (peanut butter tart no longer available but butter tart still great)

To grab a cocktail
7. Parts & Labour

To grab a bite
8. Hibiscus: crepe
9. Sky Blue Sky Sandwiches
22. Beach Hill Smokehouse
10. Cherry Street BBQ
11. Café Plenty: everything is good but mostly I just love sitting there and looking up
32. HoGa Oriental Cuisine

To drink tea
12. Tsujiri: matcha
42. Crimson: puer

To sit down and eat
13. Tutti Matti: pasta
14. Nami: sushi
15. Bestellen: burger (closed)
16. THR & Co: tartare
17. Farmhouse: whole duck
18. Vicino : pizza (closed)
19. Xola: pozole

To brunch
20. Petit Dejeuner: waffle

To buy greeting cards
21. Kid Icarus

To buy books
23. Circus
24. Acadia

To stay
25. Gladstone Hotel

To listen to music
26. Poetry Jazz Cafe
27. Reposado Bar & Lounge
28. Wychwood Barns
29. Arbor Room

To watch kids play
31. Pricefield Road Playground

To rent video
33. Bay Street Video

To view the skyline
34. Ireland Park
35. Riverdale Park

To go for a walk
36. Sylvan Park
40. St James Cemetery

37. Richmond Dental (where I watch Planet Earth while getting my teeth cleaned)
38. Richmond Optometry
30. Tony Shamas Hair
39. Black Sheep Hair
41. Sanko (where I buy Japanese groceries)