roncy + parkdale (count=251)

  • Got unripe grape juice + squash jam at Stasis Local Foods (unripe grape juice + perrier + grapefruit pair well with his Joseph Albers prints)
  • Got super crunchy honeycombed sugar at Chocolateria
  • Got cute card + magnets at Sweetpea’s
  • Got yummy taco (halibut & shrimp ceviche) and amazing lavender honey crème brulee at Fishbar (not usually a creme brulle person)
  • Got espresso at Capital

make even the hard things easy and light

When I worked at Milliman, I used to get into semi-shouting matches with Sam about Caitlin Flanagan. Since then, the Atlantic has proven again and again its ability to deliver shock value.

2008: single with child >>> existential crisis
Marry Him! The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough

2011: single without child >>> existential crisis
All the Single Ladies

2012: married with child >>> existential crisis
Why Women Still Can’t Have It All

I read the articles. I wondered if I should be having an existential crisis (again). Then I remembered Bernd Arnold: “In climbing, your motivation changes with age. These days, I’m motivated to make even the hard things easy and light. The lightness is what I enjoy the most.”

It’s amazing that we live in a world where it’s acceptable to be single with child, single without child, married with child and married without child. (Maybe the last option is the happiest because it involves two people who are capable of coming together and deciding that they don’t want something!) All options are hard (in different ways). Life is hard. #firstworldproblems I look forward to meeting greater challenges with greater grace. (Turning 30 in 220 days!)


When i was nineteen and doing my coop term at manulife, i treated myself to starbucks a few times a week. Now i drink starbucks most week days except when i treat myself to crema. So yes i’m a starbucks person yet surprised to find myself crying while reading Onward. Never thought about trying VIA (Starbucks in an instant) but I will get a pack for Iceland (we plan to stay next to a seal colony so there may be no coffee options). I know Howard Schultz is a marketing genius and his book needs to be taken with a venti grain of salt but the idea that offering instant coffee that is almost as good as french press coffee during a recession can help people save money really resonates with me. There are trade-offs and we can work together to get to a place that is better for everyone.

365 grateful project (count=234)

img src=madewell

  • Bought holepunch sidewalk skimmer from Madewell
  • Pancakes and waffles: both so good with prosciutto and runny yolk
  • Encampment: brilliant idea; questionable execution
  • Walked by distillery and overheard Boxcar Boys (+ girl) … summertime … and the livin’ is easy
  • Carmen Spada Trio @ Poetry Jazz Cafe (amazing music amazing space amazingly passionate guy running the place)