condos & crowds

He luuuvs Bermuda!

One Reason: No crowds. Given the sardines protest this week, I guess lots of people in Toronto do not enjoy the crowds

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Another Reason: No condos. Azura is building condos across the street but it’s pretty tiny compared to the giants rising up on The Esplanade

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grateful (COUNT=1566)


For Easter

i++ Got him Reester Bunny

i++ Visited my parents in Toronto

My Mum: Another serving of Shanghai style beef noodles?
Us: Yes!!!

i++ Visited his parents in Collingwood

Him: There is no jam for bagel?
His Dad: We will get some


two days in VCE

We are flying into Venice before taking the train into the Italian Alps

> Last time stayed on the west side so this time on the east side: “Castello’s calm is punctuated with the lively chatter of sightseers walking through Riva Degli Schiavoni, the busy avenue that connects St. Mark’s Square to Venice’s Biennale Gardens”

> What I learned the last time: “It is said by J. G. Links, the author of Venice for Pleasure, that the only direction you will get from a Venetian is ‘sempre dritto’ (dritto being the Venetian contraction for diritto). This is approximately ‘always direct’, or even ‘straight ahead’. The orienteer constrained by ‘either/or’ logic, implicitly expects the single ‘best’ direction. However, this poor soul will miss the greater truth in the statement ‘sempre dritto’ of our fleeting acquaintance. What he is telling us is: “Where you are going does not depend on the particular path you take. In Venice, there are beautiful things on each path. Take one. Do not worry about the path taking you to your destination. Your destination will find you.” And now, to you my friend, I say, sempre dritto”

> Nevertheless, this time I’m already planning to attend 7 am service at San Marco on Sunday; visit the bell tower of San Giorgio Maggiore; and eat cicheti in the old Lido fish market

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three days in BDA

Parents planning to visit Bermuda so I’m creating a mini guide

Thursday PM
> Fly to Bermuda
> Taxi to Auberge James + Wendy
> Savour burgers @ James Famous BBQ
> Stargaze

Friday AM
> Walk one hour along rail trail to lighthouse (picture above)
> Walk back along South Shore Park

Friday PM
> Ferry to Hamilton
> Dinner @ 1609 (picture above)

Saturday AM
> Explore Dockyards


Saturday PM
> Kayak around Daniel’s Head (picture above)

Sunday AM
> Taxi to St George’s
> Stand Up Paddleboard

Sunday PM
> Walk around St George’s
> Visit Fort St Catherine (picture above)
> Fly home

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travel wish list v.2018


Prior Version of Travel Wish List
5. Italy to stay at the Geisler Hut
4. Japan to walk the Kumano Kodo
3. China to check out design spaces in Shanghai
2. US to eat BBQ at Hemingway South Carolina
1. Canada to hike Newfoundland

Twillingate, Newfoundland was amazing, as was Kumano Kodo

Deprioritizing South Carolina because Bermuda is already very magical (photo above view from the rail trail close to our house)

Updated Travel Wish List
5. US to tour Yellowstone
4. Italy to bike around Puglia
3. Japan to walk another section of Kumano Kodo
2. China to check out design spaces in Shanghai
1. Italy to stay at the Geisler Hut (see map below)