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i++ dinner with Ann @ Ocean Club (she says this is the Cardwell’s of BDA) (picture above)

i++ dinner with Ann @ Mickey’s on the beach

i++ closing the door for the lighthouse keeper

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five days in BDA

Extending the trip from three days to five days provides time for horse riding on the beach, snorkeling, reef fishing and windsurfing.

Thursday PM
> Fly to Bermuda
> Taxi to Auberge James + Wendy
> Savour burgers @ James Famous BBQ
> Stargaze

> Walk one hour along rail trail to lighthouse
> Explore east whale bay snorkel pathway
> Walk back along South Shore Park

Saturday AM
> Kayak around Daniel’s Head
> Lunch @ Shutters

Saturday PM
> Join reef fishing excursion from Pompano Beach Club

Sunday AM
> Go horse riding along south shore beaches early in the morning

Sunday PM
> Take windsurfing lesson

Monday AM
> Explore Dockyards

Monday PM
> Ferry to Hamilton
> Dinner @ 1609

Tuesday AM
> Taxi to St George’s
> Stand Up Paddleboard

Tuesday PM
> Visit Fort St Catherine
> Fly home

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broadcast news & his girl friday

Our head of HR visited Bermuda and talked about job bands as part of the Q&A. This made me realize that I actually have no idea what my job band is. Which made me realize that I actually don’t care about job bands except when I feel like I’m treated unfairly.

But how does one measure fairness? By comparing inputs and outputs (i.e. what we invest in our careers and what we get out of it)? By comparing what we have to give up to invest in our careers? By comparing what we get out of it relative to our expectations, which influences what we are willing to give up to invest in our careers?

We’ve been watching a lot of old movies since we moved to Bermuda a month ago. Broadcast News and His Girl Friday provide interesting illustrations. Broadcast News ends up with Jane not ending up with anyone. His Girl Friday ends up with Hildy ending up with someone who is clearly not good husband material. But perhaps none of it matters because both Jane and Hildy consistently and authentically bring enthusiasm to The Process. How can one be not happy if one thinks one is happy?

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