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We met up with his friend Sara, who described his place as minimalist. My response: Huh? My place is 1200 sq ft. His place is 1000 sq ft yet he has 50% more stuff than me. His walls are lined with Joseph Albers and Le Corbusier prints. Mine, nothing. I guess it’s all relative!


365 grateful project (count=189)

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  • Red Chicory with Cashel Blue: how poetic is that?
  • I liked keep calm invest on. I love forward banking.
  • He found this very cool espresso bar slash cooking party slash show room at 1 Yorkville; me thinks multi-taking commercial space is the future.
  • Arbeit “lies within this trajectory of structuralist biopics, focusing on the influential German economist Hans Tietmeyer: former head of the Deutsche Bundesbank and one of the architects of the Euro // Echoing this structure of nostalgia, Campbellā€™s examination of the European financial crisis is both a formal and conceptual treatise on images, history, revision and the uncertainty of what lies ahead.”

365 grateful project (count=184)

  • Delish brunch at le gourmand: the Spadina location; was so sad when the Bloor location closed
  • Preceded by free tour of 401 Richmond as part of images fest; you can watch all the films at the media centre (+ free coffee too)
  • Brunch with Tushar at fire on the eastside, his neighborhood spot; love the smoked salmon & spinach Bennie (on corn bread)
  • Tanya starting super exciting new job with International Rivers; planning to visit her in Thailand later this year
  • Carl’s geese fondue + Sharon’s crazy dessert that I cannot name = amazing

365 grateful project (count=176)

  • New Idea Fest at Alumnae Theatre: He says he likes the second play the best because it was the most realistic; I say I like the second play the best because it was the most absurd; the play is about the meeting of two women at a laundromat; the old woman thinks life is a play; the young woman thinks life is a reality TV series.
  • Preceded by Mylk Uncookies for milk (almond milk latte) and cookies (not usually a cookie person but this cookie has more salty choco than cookie).
  • The barista at Crema has been giving me double stamps for some reason, so I’m getting a free cappuccino every other week.
  • Lunchbox Exchange: When I cook, he gets to bring the leftover for lunch; when he cooks, I get to bring the leftover for lunch.
  • Dinner at the Rosedale Diner; loved the apple cake and the duck confit (in a cassis veal jus).
  • Health Mandate: I ask him if he thinks it’s constitutional; he says “No Act of Parliament can be unconstitutional, for the law of the land knows not the word or the idea”.

on a less positive note


  • We saw Eames: The Architect & The Painter ten days ago at Bloor Cinema. It upset me so much that I didn’t know what to write. Charles+Ray found a successful design firm. Charles (who is described as very very charismatic) meets new girl and offers to leave Ray and start a new design firm with her. Imagine a version of the Bill+Hillary (Billary?) story where Monica runs for president.
  • Reading Here Are The Women of Y Combinator And They Are Awesome, I stumble over this quote: “Women and men look at things differently. Women will go to a store and browse. But job search is built around knowing what you want and going after that.” Like seriously!!!