365 grateful project (count=323)

img src=theselby

  • Wanting to take a train through Siberia because of this collaboration between Louis Vuitton and The Selby
  • Watching people outside the Rosehill Starbucks (we ended up seeing his friend Jess’ little girl)
  • Enjoying the breeze off the lake on a bench outside of City School because Ireland Park is temporarily closed
  • Buying mushroom dumplings from Loblaw’s (wondering when they will carry leek dumplings) and eating it with rapini (my new fav veggie)
  • Waking up to the smell of tea biscuits (which I proceeded to eat with lavender-scented squash jam)
  • Listening to jazz fm while dusting (to avoid post-vacation dust bunnies)

toronto towers

Windless summer afternoon not always the best for architecture tours. Fortunately we picked Towers Tour so we walked in the shadows of the giants on Bay & Front. Having done both the modern skyscraper and the historic skyscraper tour in Chicago (wanna do IIT Campus Tour next time I visit), I wasn’t expecting much. But the integration of heritage buildings into modern skyscrapers is fascinating. I have always admired the one in BCE place (right photo yes I still refer to it as BCE place) but haven’t paid much attention to Bay Adelaide Centre (left photo) and toronto stock exchange. I used to think that there are not enough skyscrapers in Toronto to make a canyon. But maybe there are. If not in length then in depth.

365 grateful project (count=317)

  • Admiring cool graphs at informationisbeautiful
  • Climbing with Stephen at the new rock gym across from his work
  • Learning Bollywood moves at Tiffancy and Faisel’s wedding
  • Dining at Sharon and Carl’s wedding: fresh lobster tartare with almond and roasted garlic tuile; maple smoked piglet, fine string beans, wild raisin vinegar marinated red onions and fried parsley; marinated beef blank steak glazed with madera sauce served on a celeriac gratin, grilled asparagus, miniature pepper and zucchini; zucchini cake topped with a saint-honore gratine and a drizzle of birth syrup, served with fresh figs and a baby greens and flower petal salad
  • Counting down to Iceland

i luv lightbox (count=309)

  • Walking on King >>> Need to go to bathroom >>> Visit the Lightbox >>> See poster for Beasts of the Southern Wild >>> Not felt such vivid dreams since Science of Sleep
  • Lightbox will be screening Oslo, August 31st starting August 10th. I loved loved loved Reprise (see 1:22 of the trailer). Very Kundera: “Anyone whose goal is ‘something higher’ must expect someday to suffer vertigo. What is vertigo? Fear of falling? No, Vertigo is something other than fear of falling. It is the voice of the emptiness below us which tempts and lures us, it is the desire to fall, against which, terrified, we defend ourselves.”

montreal recap (count=307)

1. We check into hotel

I say: There are three things to check out before dinner!
He says: There is a king size bed in our room!

We did manage to do everything on my list except Schwartz’s, which was impossible due to …

2. Foie gras overdose at Au Pied de Cochon

3. Browsing beautiful books at Canadian Centre for Architecture (super cool exhibit on James Stirling and axonometric projection)

4. Taking feet picture at westmount square

5. Experiencing genius loci at palais des congrès (can you tell someone is reading a book about architecture)

6. Loving the color of the red pepper spread at communion

7. Loving the fountain at 1000 de la gauchetière

8. Loving llama tartare at mochica

9. Cheese browsing at Jean Talon (ended up getting cumin gouda for train picnic)

10. Hoping that one day AGO will be as good as Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (very cool exhibit on Tom Wesselmann)

11. I don’t have a picture for the most magical moment strolling through saint louis square, surrounded by victorian gingerbread houses, past the tiny tables where espresso is served, past firefly like lights. A jazz duet (violin plus guitar). We sit. The wind blows. The wind blows harder. The music continues. The rain splatters. The rain pours. The music continues. What life should be.