365 grateful project (count=91)

  • Brunch inspired by petitekitchenesse. Yes, romantic morning of self.
  • Preceded by ravine walk with Tanya.
  • Followed by hotpot with Haina, Steven and Albert. Sesame tofu ice cream versus Häagen-Dazs.
  • The Double. Exactly how I imagined Dostoevsky’s funny. First time at the studio, which is more intimate than the main stage. Love love Factory Theatre.
  • Preceded by Sense Appeal Americano to go. Last timehe got Americano and I got Cappuccino.
  • oxford comma

How to imagine St Petersburg in Toronto

Image from other-st-petersburg.ru

Steven and Haina decided to visit St Petersburg this year.

I decided to find the best guide to St Petersburg.

Why this site is so disorienting // Most websites and city guides try to make things easy for their users. This one does not. // In fact, it deliberately sets out to lead its visitors astray, to tempt them down unknown paths, to plunge them into the thick of the St Petersburg fog. In short, to get them well and truly lost.”

It is not hard to name a film that leaves too little to the imagination. Can the same be said of traveling? Maybe the only thing better than visiting St Petersburg is not visiting St Petersburg.

How to imagine St Petersburg in Toronto
+The Double (play & film)
+Russian Revolution Reenactment
+25 dollar tickets to Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 11 “The Year 1905
+Does throwing a shot of vodka into an Americano make it a Russo?

365 grateful project (count=85)

img src=Guy Laliberté

  • On the coast of Kazakhstan
  • On our second date, post Melancholia, post Fred’s Not Here, we looked at the menu at Obikà. We thought about checking out the mozzarella this week but I had last minute craving for takesushi. They have a sushi special for two for the entire month of February. It’s like their v-day special but better priced!
  • Free Wednesday at PowerPlant courtesy of BMO (photography/film/deconstruction/reconstruction galore)

365 grateful project (count=78)

  • Denise and I did spa for my bday. Nothing like letting out some steam in the steam room!
  • Followed by dinner at Pangaea (winterlicious). I picked cheese platter for dessert and the blue was surprisingly good.
  • His turn to pick a coffee place and he picked Capital Expresso where the cappuccino is extra foamy and …
  • … where I found out that Necessary Angel Theatre Company is bringing back divisadero: “Michael Ondaatje collaborates with Daniel Brooks to adapt his novel Divisadero – a violent and passionate story exploring themes of memory, identity, love and the grip of the past on the present.”
  • Come up to my room was a lot of fun and I found more Angry Asian Girl.
  • It was warm with a sprinkle of snowpowder so we walked back from the Gladstone, dropping by the new CB2 at Bathurst (liking one of the candle holders but it’s not very minimalist to buy something just to hold a candle so I will stick with candles in tall water glasses) and …
  • Longo’s to pick up pizza ingredients (pineapple, smoked prosciutto, arugula, parmigiano reggiano). We drenched the pizza in balsamic vinegar (oops gotta clean oven).

single-minded immersion

I’m turning thirty in 377 days. Denise asked me if I have a particular goal. No, the answer is not to do inversions with the grace of Briohny Smyth, although I think this is an amazing example of flow.

I have never set a concrete goal but I used to think that, by the time I turn thirty, I will know who I am and what I want. I now realize that I will never get there but I think I’m getting a little bit closer. When a relationship ends due to differences in long term goals, it is only natural to question those long term goals.

I still feel very strongly about my work. I feel flow at work. Not every moment but most days. I don’t think relationships generate flow in and of themselves. As much as I love my parents, I do not feel flow when I walk with them in the ravine close to their house. But when people have common goals, they can be in flow together. I love hiking with my parents.


Who I Am: Someone who enjoys single-minded immersion
What I Want: Doing challenging things on my own and with people I like

Now that I have a hypothesis, time to do some testing. Seeing someone who is not super interested in traveling and seeing Chinese tourists running around LA carrying LV bags, I started to question why I love to travel. The answer is actually I don’t love to travel. In and of itself. Will I be upset if I do not visit Taj Mahal before I die? No. I’m happy to learn history from Wikipedia. What I love about traveling is the experience of getting lost and finding my way again. But I get the same experience from writing, which I can do everyday. So my goal for the next 377 days is to explore the here and now. Maybe taking a few days off to write. To practice single-minded immersion. Or inversion.