365 grateful project (count=207)

  • Chilly walk through Brickworks along the Danforth led to dinner at the Pan
  • Rainy walk through Riverdale/Leslieville with a break at St John’s (herbed dinner rolls for me + cinnamon bun for him) led to dinner at Table 17
  • I talked about the book so much that he decided to get the movie; I always love the book more but the movie does capture the quietly devastating tone
  • Dinner at Guu with Denise/Jessica/Albert; I arrived at 5:15 to secure a table and it was most definitely worth the effort
  • Dinner at Mideastro with Carl/Sharon

contact photo fest (count=202)

  • Building Storeys: “intriguing images of often unseen rail and marine transportation infrastructure in Toronto”.
  • Open See: “large-format billboards feature dramatic views of a crowd of refugees and a makeshift encampment. Situated within an increasingly dense zone of condominium development at Front and Spadina, the installation challenges the passersby to consider the lives of people who are often overlooked.”
  • City Scapes: Maybe the ROM crystal is not entirely terrible after all but reflection of row houses into the facade of the AGO is much cooler still.
  • The Nine Eyes of Google Street View: “Many of us already feel we are observed simultaneously by everyone and by no one, that everything is recorded, but no particular significance is accorded to anything. When Rafman reframes an image sourced from the Google site, he reintroduces the human gaze into the picture and reasserts the importance of the individual.”
  • Crumbled Empire: “Andrew Rowat travelled overland from Kyrgyzstan into Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan”.

hot docs (count=197)

  • The Job: “Ten French job seekers show up for a two-day recruitment session knowing only that they’re vying for a sales position in the insurance field. Will the candidates endure this Survivor meets The Apprentice competition for employment?”
  • Garden in the Sea: “cinematography that leaves poetic and lasting images of a sea that is still abundant and a land that is still plentiful”.
  • Tchoupitoulas: The incomprehensible one this year. Maybe life is completely incohesive. Documentaries shouldn’t be.
  • Tundra Book: “In the magnificent landscape of Russia’s Arctic Circle, just across the Bering Strait from Alaska, 72-year-old patriarch Vukvukai leads his Indigenous Chukchi family in caring for their herd of 14,000 reindeer.”
  • Polish Illusions: The favorite this year. Retired pilot. Aging illusionist. What is worthy of remembrance?

365 grateful project (count=189)

Image from funthyme.com

  • Red Chicory with Cashel Blue: how poetic is that?
  • I liked keep calm invest on. I love forward banking.
  • He found this very cool espresso bar slash cooking party slash show room at 1 Yorkville; me thinks multi-taking commercial space is the future.
  • Arbeit “lies within this trajectory of structuralist biopics, focusing on the influential German economist Hans Tietmeyer: former head of the Deutsche Bundesbank and one of the architects of the Euro // Echoing this structure of nostalgia, Campbell’s examination of the European financial crisis is both a formal and conceptual treatise on images, history, revision and the uncertainty of what lies ahead.”

365 grateful project (count=184)

  • Delish brunch at le gourmand: the Spadina location; was so sad when the Bloor location closed
  • Preceded by free tour of 401 Richmond as part of images fest; you can watch all the films at the media centre (+ free coffee too)
  • Brunch with Tushar at fire on the eastside, his neighborhood spot; love the smoked salmon & spinach Bennie (on corn bread)
  • Tanya starting super exciting new job with International Rivers; planning to visit her in Thailand later this year
  • Carl’s geese fondue + Sharon’s crazy dessert that I cannot name = amazing