365 grateful project (count=141)

I like to surf airbnb.com

Also like to surf realtor.ca

  • love the windows of the hunt club residences
  • this townhouse close to my parents would also be nice if the owners reduced stuffage by 33% (but maybe not possible with kids?)

Really love to surf satorialist and garancedore (cannot remember the last time I saw something I like from Tiffany but I love this clip)


365 grateful project (count=134)

(image from bintie on Flickr)

We are visiting Chicago in May. It has been four years. One morning walking along Michigan Avenue. The edge of skyscraper canyon. In the distance a little girl doing great big jumps. Forward backward over and over again. As I got closer, I realized that she was running into the wind and then letting it carry her back to where she started. I wondered which was more fun: the running or the letting it carry her back; the anticipation or the illusion.

365 grateful project (count=133)

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  • wish i had visited Paris and saw leviathan by Anish Kapoor but planning to visit Chicago this year so will have another chance to gaze into cloud gate
  • delish brunch with Denise at Jules Cafe Patisserie: from quinoa/lentil/beet salad to chocolate cake; got chubby brioche to go
  • visiting June’s new baby and new house: Claire is a happy baby; love the skylights and walk through kitchen
  • ichiban sushi + Assyrtiko: “In the volcanic soil of Santorini, there appear to be some unique characteristics that develop in the grape variety, and therefore in the wine. One of these characteristics is that Assyrtiko does not lose its acidity even if it is very ripe.”

365 grateful project (count=129)

365 grateful project (count=126)

  • “For nearly a decade, amateur photographer Tsuneaki Hiramatsu spent his summer evenings in the forests outside Niimi, in Japan’s Okayama prefecture. He was intent on capturing the spectacle of firefly mating season”
  • Two hours at yorkdale: got angora sweater (on sale for $30) from French connection & hoping it comes from a French angora bunny; he got shirt from armani exchange
  • Vietnamese noodle lunch with Zack; he took some super nicely scented tea from his dad for me
  • Sushi lunch with Neil; wow sushi is wow

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