637 Lake Shore West

Another example of unbelievably good living room + unbelievably bad bedroom that seems to be the definition of loft. I really really love the view of the trees. Reminds me of my old office at the northern tip of the north tower.

Tip Top Tailors Lofts #106



993 Queen Street West

I started condo hunting two years ago when I fell in love with the living room of a loft. Then I saw the bedroom and hated it. For anything less than a million bucks, the transition space from living room to bedroom and the layout of the bedroom are generally awkward.

For Example: Candy Factory Loft #221


I think lofts are best for minimalists seeking a fully integrated space. Fully integrated so there is no wall between living room and bedroom. Minimalists because if you can see everything you better not have too many things.

12 Fairhead Mews

“The urban mix is the appeal of East End Danforth—a neighbourhood that has proximity to the boardwalk; manicured houses flying Beach flags; family-friendly Norwood Park; a southern fringe of stately detached Edwardians; co-op housing; semis in the $400,000 to $500,000 range closer to Woodbine; and new luxury townhouses. The sold-out townhouse complex Upper Beach Manors (above), near Main and Gerrard, invigorated real-estate activity in the area and inspired a doppelgänger, the new Upper Beach Townes, a collection of 32 houses split into two-level condos.”

As Toronto Life indicated, there are tonnes of townhouses under development in the Upper Beach. Hope some of them turn out well.

12 Fairhead Mews Located Behind 2272 Gerrard Street East


corniest corn muffin (count=265)


  • corn muffin recipe: “If no one is around, lean over the sink and suck on the cob — corn juice is famously sweet and very satisfying.” (this time rosemary next time thyme)
  • Since I had lots of buttermilk left over, I had some for breakfast. I used to think buttermilk is creamier than regular milk. Actually, it’s just more tart.
  • Mum makes iced chrysanthemum. Starbucks should too.

365 grateful project (count=262)


  • Planning to use housecleaning groupon next Friday. Since my place is bigger than the typical condo, they asked me to provide a priority list. As I walked around trying to figure out what needs cleaning most, I ended up dusting the floor molding. Apparently, paying for housecleaning motivates me to dust.
  • We saw Up in the Air on demand. Inspiring in a weird way. Someone whose job is to fire people can do it with a human touch. He is full of shit but creates meaning for someone else if only for a fleeting moment.