365 grateful project (count=158)

  • Sipping in a comfy chair at seven grams (love the splatter on wood artwork)
  • Liège waffle (wiki: “richer, denser, sweeter”) from Petit Dej
  • it has been six months

365 grateful project (count=155)

  • Hugo: Yup I cried!
  • Urbanized: DVD finally arrived and definitely worth the wait
  • Once Upon a Time in Anatolia: At Cannes, where the film won the runner-up Grand Jury Prize, it was called “Chekhovian”. We know what that means. Nothing happens, everyone talks. // Half way between – at the 70-minute stage – comes the AGM. The Absolute Great Moment. // intertwining the frayed ends of their soul. Then beauty comes in, plain and nature-gifted, and transcendence happens. This scene is cinema of utter, purest sorcery. But one could say that of the whole film.
  • Jiro Dreams of Sushi: “You have to fall in love with your job,” Ono says. “You must dedicate your life to mastering your skill.” Ono literally does dream of sushi, waking in the night with visions of better ways to serve his eel and tuna, his octopus and shrimp.

365 grateful project (count=151)

  • Made paella twice: test batch using chorizo for the two of us and dinner using elk/duck salami for Faisel/Jessica/Tiffany/Tushar (ah the color of saffron)
  • Also served elk/duck salami cold
  • Found cheap lobster at the market so practiced butterflying
  • Test batch of mole (ah the depth of chocolate)
  • Favorite way to eat Greek yogurt (+ grapefruit + marmalade)

the remains of the day

Every time I feel like I’m about to have an existential crisis, I pick up Ishiguro.

Mr. Ishiguro said in a telephone interview from his home outside London that he tended to focus on elderly characters out of his own concern about how members of his generation would account for themselves in the years to come.

”I’m still a relatively young writer,” said Mr. Ishiguro, who was born in 1954, ”and I tend to write out of a projected fear of what would happen. To combat complacency, I suppose I’m always trying to remind myself in my writing that while we may be very pleased with ourselves, we may look back with a different perspective, and see we may have acted out of cowardice and failure of vision.

”What I’m interested in is not the actual fact that my characters have done things they later regret,” Mr. Ishiguro said. ”I’m interested in how they come to terms with it. On the one hand there is a need for honesty, on the other hand a need to deceive themselves – to preserve a sense of dignity, some sort of self-respect. What I want to suggest is that some sort of dignity and self-respect does come from that sort of honesty.”

INTERVIEWER: In that book, and in so many of your novels, the main character seems tragically to miss his or her chance at love by seconds.

ISHIGURO: I don’t know if they miss it by seconds. In a way they’ve missed it by miles. They might look back and think, There was this moment when it could have all been different. It’s tempting for them to think, Oh, it was just a little twist of fate. But in fact, there are colossal things that make them miss not just love but something essential in life.

365 grateful project (count=146)

  • architizer: The New York Times quotes MoMA’s chief curator of architecture and design (and jury member) Barry Bergdoll, who says that Wendy is “pro-active, it’s not apologetic… It’s going to be amazing from the No. 7 train!”
  • Penny Plain much darker than I expected; yes I expected romance at the end of the world to be more lighthearted; zoomermag: “The plot intrigues, and at points seems inspired by something out of Beckett or Arthur Miller. // One of the highlights is the appearance of Geppetto and his grown son. The symbolism, in terms of the plot and of the character’s relation to Burkett himself, is ripe for interpretation”
  • preceded by the always delish smoked salmon sandwich from petit four; last ate there with Yiding; can’t believe I haven’t been there for four months; used to go there every week when I worked at OW
  • T+T’s sticky black rice bun is my idea of real fusion: layer of (flower scented?) sticky black rice between french bread)
  • trio of green tea snacks: cracker with green tea leaves; uji green tea cream sandwich; matcha meltykiss

365 grateful project (count=141)

I like to surf airbnb.com

Also like to surf realtor.ca

  • love the windows of the hunt club residences
  • this townhouse close to my parents would also be nice if the owners reduced stuffage by 33% (but maybe not possible with kids?)

Really love to surf satorialist and garancedore (cannot remember the last time I saw something I like from Tiffany but I love this clip)