365 grateful project (count=347)

M4H03459 a video by glassrain on Flickr.

  • Driving in Iceland was not always easy but a thermal spa can be found beyond every stretch of icy road
  • Redeemed my foot massage groupon (nothing like watching Planet Earth Ice World with you feet soaking in steamy water)
  • Brunch with Steven and Haina (power outage at insomnia so we ended up at futures bakery)
  • Lots of fun MCing the info session at UT (here is our recruiting video)

second spring (count=343)

autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower

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365 grateful project (count=330)

  • August 30: Busy week at work preparing to go on vacation so treated myself to Take Sushi (delish as always)
  • September 26: Met up with Denise at Trattoria Nervosa (disappointing meat/cheese board but perfectly textured raw kale salad)
  • Inspired me to make my own raw kale salad (see picture above) as with all things, the key is to message
  • September 29: Our usual pre/post-RTH dinner at Tutti Matti (amazingly simple and amazing mushroom pasta)
  • October 11: Got sushi boat at Wow Sushi (love the crispy onion on sashimi but the rolls are too too too spicy)

365 grateful project (count=323)

img src=theselby

  • Wanting to take a train through Siberia because of this collaboration between Louis Vuitton and The Selby
  • Watching people outside the Rosehill Starbucks (we ended up seeing his friend Jess’ little girl)
  • Enjoying the breeze off the lake on a bench outside of City School because Ireland Park is temporarily closed
  • Buying mushroom dumplings from Loblaw’s (wondering when they will carry leek dumplings) and eating it with rapini (my new fav veggie)
  • Waking up to the smell of tea biscuits (which I proceeded to eat with lavender-scented squash jam)
  • Listening to jazz fm while dusting (to avoid post-vacation dust bunnies)