other small things

1x handkerchief
2x gloves (1x leather; 1x running)
1x skultuna key necklace
1x watch
1x belt
1x sunglasses
2x hats (1x sun; 1x warm for quebec city)
9x accessory

1x pot
1x pressure cooker
1x rice cooker
1x oven mitts
1x baking tray
2x frying pans
2x water bottles
2x coffee tumblers
6x mugs
6x water glasses
6x wine glasses
6x large plates
6x small plates
6x bowls
2x glass jar
3x salad bowls
2x chopping board
1x cork board
1x tea infuser
56x kitchen

2x electric toothbrush
1x soap dish
3x bathroom

1x africa sculpture from denise
1x decorate bowl
2x decorative plates
2 x photo frames
6x decorative

2x daruma
1x ornaments from berlin christmas market
1x fish from chirimen zaikukan
1x pizza puzzle
1x pink pebbles
1x shells from that beach in tierra del fuego
1x baby moose
1x toboggan ornament [picture above]
9x seasonal

1x perfume
1x car fragrance
1x poo drops
1x muji incense holder [bottom picture]
1x diffuser
5x scent

1x atmosphere mist
1x office

1x smoky
1x simon
1x pocket ninja
1x shibu
1x doggie magnet remains
5x treasures

total = 9 + 56 + 3 + 6 + 9 + 5 + 1 + 5 = 94 < 99

maybe buying

p.s. greeting cards, books, bedding, towels, hangers, umbrellas, utensils and cleaning stuff excluded