three days in BDA

Parents planning to visit Bermuda so I’m creating a mini guide

Thursday PM
> Fly to Bermuda
> Taxi to Auberge James + Wendy
> Savour burgers @ James Famous BBQ
> Stargaze

Friday AM
> Walk one hour along rail trail to lighthouse (picture above)
> Walk back along South Shore Park

Friday PM
> Ferry to Hamilton
> Dinner @ 1609 (picture above)

Saturday AM
> Explore Dockyards


Saturday PM
> Kayak around Daniel’s Head (picture above)

Sunday AM
> Taxi to St George’s
> Stand Up Paddleboard

Sunday PM
> Walk around St George’s
> Visit Fort St Catherine (picture above)
> Fly home

img src=gotobermuda & travelweekly



Pretty much done unpacking and going through good luck cards; luv the kite one from Jess!

The move did result in some casualties
> sushi plate broke while we were debating the positioning of the carpet; best practice for next move would be do NOT unpack breakables until carpet positioning has been finalized
> doggie magnets savagely thrown out while SOMEONE packed up our Toronto condo

Overall very happy with our Bermuda house

img src=mouraandassociates