grateful (count=935)

  • We both have big deadlines coming up so we cancelled the usual Saturday coffee date and went to work but it’s not so bad since we have Nespresso machine at work (i.e. good coffee for free)
  • Gotta make the most of the weekend by taking feet pictures even if I’m at work
  • Left work early enough to grab some delish steak from St Lawrence market …
  • & winey bastard beer


grateful (count=928)

img src=nationalgeographic

  • One of the volcanoes we hiked up in Guatemala erupted this February
  • Mum + Dad came over to celebrate mother’s day and I bought Mum smoked pork hock from St Lawrence market
  • Need more lemongrass chopped up so I bought him some cabin fever as bribe

grateful (count=905)


  • Lots of pictures of the cottages and Airbnb’s we stayed at in and around NOLA so I created a new flickr album just for this
  • Here is a shot from inside the school house; love spreading my stuff around someone else’s space and cooking in someone else’s kitchen
  • He made delish asparagus with truffle oil today; I want to say inspired by Masterchef Canada but more likely my nagging
  • We tried pork shoulder in red lager + sauerkraut to make better use of slow cooker
  • This follows the beer meme that I started when I made a stout sauce for scallops for dad’s bday
  • … plus seared sesame-crusted tuna
  • Accompanied by pickled veggie quinoa salad and …
  • … lemony celery fennel salad

grateful (count=889)


  • Just wrapped up the second ever Global Acquisition Week. The first one actually started on the day I joined RGA. Time flies!
  • Celebrating == drinking and the historic Anheuser-Busch brewery is quite pretty.
  • Didn’t realize they owned Shock Top; apple wheat is quite delicious.
  • Lots of birds (?) fluttering about; is this a special time of the year?

the great cyclone (count=851)

img src=STL public library

Jon and I went to the Lafayette Park parlor tour. One family made a holiday tree out of a pile of books. One book on the Great Cyclone caught my eyes. I imagined some sort of cyclone traveling inland from Miami but Wikipedia says tornadoes are one type of cyclones.

img src=stlnabedev

Preceded by delish curried lentils at the Mud House. Benton Park is one of those STL neighborhoods where you will find empty lots on one street and James Beard Award winning restaurant on the next. In Toronto, I think such places are the most exciting places to be. I complain about empty lots turning into condos but there is something to be said about that sense of momentum. In STL, it’s less clear.

Because everyone was so busy in December, we had our department holiday happy hour in January. My new beverage of choice is Schlafly’s Tasmanian IPA: “The Tasmanian hop, Galaxy, is a strong, aromatic variety that is different from traditional strains of the Pacific Northwest. Our brewers developed a recipe that showcases the hop’s unique flavors of citrus and pineapple.”

Paloma at Cardwell’s. Slightly disappointed that it was made with non-ruby grapefruit. Maybe I’m getting too fussy?

grateful (count=665)


  • One of my favorite childhood memories: sitting on the back of mum’s bike as she rides along the river; wind in my hair; weeping willow billowing with new shoots in the spring
  • Crepe monsieur at Lady Marmalade; the guy in front of us in line was trying really hard to make the girl laugh awww
  • Archon’s new office is super cool
  • He is in love with la fin du monde
  • Cooking duck breast topped with ruby grapefruit segments
  • Lovely stay-cation in Summerhill