Wow!!! It’s been 33 months since I had a “my life is boring” moment. And another interesting experience this week.

On Tuesday, I got up at 4 am for my 8 am flight because I need to renew my work visa. I went into secondary and waited and waited and got rejected. Even though I’ve had TN visa for most of my working life. The upside is that, on the ride back on the Union Pearson, I got a nice view of the sun rising over Toronto.

This weekend: attempt visa renewal at land border. The upside is that, he’s been wanting to visit Buffalo for a while. We are thinking silo city and blue sky mausoleum.

Next weekend: hot pot party with Anne & Josh.

Next next weekend: celebrate his birthday.

Next next next weekend: he will make roast for my mum’s birthday.


how do I want my week to end?


We usually eat out once a week on the weekend. This morning, we started talking about where to go. We are seeing The Public Servant at Berkeley Theater so somewhere close to there would be convenient. As we talked, I started wondering … does it make sense that eating out is such an important part of our weekend? It’s always fun to go out to eat with friends. But when there are no social events … how do I want my week to end?

11:00 Listen to jazz fm while he makes coffee and eggs; yes we are drinking coffee from my trip
1:00 File everything in my inbox
3:00 Shop at St Lawrence Market
4:00 Run east along the waterfront
5:00 Test a new recipe
8:00 Theatre, film, etc.

11:00 Make pancakes
1:00 Pre-read for next week’s meetings
3:00 Walk over to my parents; browse through all the books that I could be reading @ circus
5:00 Play the piano
6:00 Dinner
8:00 Subway back downtown; check out the latest TTC posters
9:00 Blog, organize travel photos, etc.

Ideally, every weekend would encapsulate all that I love about life: drinking coffee, watching movies, grocery shopping, cooking, running, walking, reading, writing and, of course, working!


dream job?


A post called dream home should be followed by a post called dream job, right?

I’ve always believed that it’s the journey, not the destination. No really.

This is a great journey: evolved from its original conception as a free web resource for Lynda’s students, to the site for her books on web design, to the registration hub for physical classrooms and conferences, to an online virtual knowledge library, where today, members may watch software and technology courses in several categories (3D and animation, audio, business, design, development, home computing, photography, video, and web and interactive design). The company also produces documentaries about creative professionals.

I’ve never been that jealous of people who make it big in their 20’s. For myself, I’d like a path where one small thing leads to another to another that eventually becomes something amazing. Watching these kids surfing. Riding a little longer each time on these surging waves. It’s mesmerizing.

Maybe I’ll be on a 99 over 99 list one day. Gracefully learning to drive at age 99 along the Sea to Sky Highway.

going somewhere (count=1091)


Wow!!! It’s been 21 months since I had a “my life is boring” moment. Maybe because I took preemptive action nine months ago. Or perhaps it’s a sign that I’m now mature enough to enter the next phase.

It’s not that I’m no longer interested in traveling to new places but that I don’t need to go to new places to feel like I’m going somewhere. Because time never stands still.

On the way back from St Louis, I spent three days in Chicago.

  • Walking by Gene Siskel usually makes me smile; I made various people watch various movies that they described as the most depressing thing ever
  • Jenny and I signed up for a free tour of the architecture biennial; the official guide never showed up but one of the other people who signed up is a docent with the foundation and gave a wonderful impromptu tour
  • At lunch, Chris O said Sam recently engaged in a lengthy debate regarding the existence of free will and it reminded Chris of the conversations that Sam and I used to have at the office; maybe this is why I had to work late all the time
  • Revisiting Navy Pier, the destination of most of my morning runs; I walk up brightly painted unfamiliar stairs; the old ferris wheel has stopped running
  • I drop by after words and pick up where I’m calling from; illinois street is not quite what I remember
  • Hotel Palomar; bartender shares his thoughts on the story I’m reading and suggests a New Yorker article on how Carver’s editor influenced his short sentence structure
  • Bluecoat American dry gin


grateful (count=961)

DSC07240 (2)

It might be surprising that we only planned six things this whole year. For some of the months, there are reasons.

January: New Orleans
March: Peru (picture above from Sacred Valley)
April: Bolivia (picture below from Salar de Uyuni)


In Bolivia, our driver asked why I’m always running away from the vehicle. To get a different perspective, I said.

But what happened in May? Does the fact that I didn’t go anywhere and didn’t do any activity make it a most boring month. I’d like to think not. For example, I made basil beef for the first time in May. It’s not that different from other beef stir fry that I make but hey I’ve never used basil in stir fry before. And I used a combination of wilted and fresh basil. So there!


I made roasted radishes for the first time in June. I’ve often used radishes in salads but roasted tastes different in a lovely way. A different perspective.