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For Easter

i++ Got him Reester Bunny

i++ Visited my parents in Toronto

My Mum: Another serving of Shanghai style beef noodles?
Us: Yes!!!

i++ Visited his parents in Collingwood

Him: There is no jam for bagel?
His Dad: We will get some



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Friday: choco treats from Ann
i++ askinosie dark + malted milk
i++ kakao toasted missouri pecans
i++ amara gran criollo

Saturday: traveling without traveling
i++ revisiting the necropolis
i++ fish snacks @ daniel et daniel
i++ colman’s mustard @ london calling

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img src=bahlsen

A few European snacks as a follow up to the Asian snack entry

i++ bahlsen dark chocolate afrika (German)
i++ trancetto cacao (Italian)
i++ whole wheat paris toast (French)

But of course the above are best paired with beverages invented in China five thousand years ago 🙂

i++ matcha
i++ earl grey: According to one legend, a grateful Chinese mandarin whose son was rescued from drowning by one of Lord Grey’s men first presented the blend to the Earl in 1803