chocolate & miso (COUNT=1267)

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i++ soma old school (picture above)

i++ dick taylor wild harvest alto beni

i++ niku miso: “I like to start my Niku Miso by caramelizing aromatics like shiitake mushrooms, scallions and ginger”

(dreaming about some kinda chocolate miso meat sauce)


norm choc

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Him: I want to eat chocolate.
Me: There are six bars on the kitchen counter.
Him: I don’t want to eat the weird stuff you buy.
Me: This one looks too normal. You must have bought it.

BRKLYN (count=1203)

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successfully met my coffee x2 choco x2 target …

  • 10 am coffee run @ bitter sweet
  • 10:10 meetup with Ah-Dur + Tania @ Brooklyn Tabernacle
  • followed by lunch @ sotto casa (where Tania told me her friend lives on the same street as Ethan Hawke in Boerem Hill)
  • afternoon coffee run @ cafe pedlar
  • afternoon greeting card run @ papel
  • wandering around Red Hook West (picture above): In 1990 Life magazine named Red Hook as one of the worst neighborhoods in the United States and as the crack capital of America
  • super cute @ foxy & winston
  • afternoon chocolate run @ cacao prieto
  • another chocolate run @ raaka
  • admiring yuko zhimizu @ DUMBO

Shimizu Yuko

wa ichigo

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Jess re-gifted me wa ichigo chocolate so I had to look up wa ichigo (i.e. Japanese strawberries)

1st Tochigi Prefecture(Known for “Tochiotome” )
2nd Fukuoka Prefecture(Known for “Amaou”)
3rd Kumamoto Prefecture(Known for “Hinoshizuku”)
4th Nagasaki Prefecture(Known for “Sachinoka”)
5th Shizuoka Prefecture (Known for “Beni Hoppe”)

four weeks till clinton hill


Last time, we stayed at Williamsburg, this time Clinton Hill. The last airbnb had really nice bowls so I sat around observing the defrosting of grapes.

Saturday: Visit Wei & Nora in Stamford
Sunday: Brooklyn Tabernacle with Durgesh; shop @ raaka chocolate
Monday: Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin @ Clinton Hall; Calatrava’s transit hub; shop @
kees chocolates & 188 galerie; Liz Magnes @ cornelia street cafe
Tuesday: Take ferry from Brooklyn Bridge to midtown; lunch @ Jean Georges; tram to Roosevelt Island; shop @ minamoto kitchoan & kyotoya; Renzo Piano’s Whitney Museum; Bathtub Gin
Wednesday: Brooklyn Transit Museum