grateful (COUNT=1397)

1. He shared this picture with me
Him: Looks at the cute owls
Me: Why do you think they are owls?

2. Discussing Big Salt with Blair @ Taverna Mercatto; maybe South Core is okay after all!

3. Watching Big Chill (his mum’s fav movie): I often wonder whether I am more honest with friends made recently or friends I’ve known for decades; it’s probably easier to question the here and the now with old friends since we have a common frame of reference; at the same time perhaps we feel compelled to be consistent with the person we once were

4. Coffee with Tanya @ Crafted by Te Aro followed by

5. Ava Roth @ Loop Gallery followed by

6. Walking along Bloor Street like we used to

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valentines (COUNT=1377)


1. Hon-Maguro Akami Wasabi-Ae @ Nami**: Blue fin tuna Akami diced and marinated with pickled wasabi leaves, hon-wasabi and house made *Tosa soy sauce topped with shredded Yamaimo (Japanese sticky yam) and Nori seaweed.

2. Americano @ Ebar: Watching the Nordstrom crowd

3. Villa Sandi Prosecco

4. New sweater for him (Bay Giving Day)

5. New sweater for me
Me: You haven’t washed my sheep sweater
Him: My Club Monaco sweater shrank so you can have it
Me: Yay!

** For a second, I thought: I need to revisit Japan ASAP. On second thought, the fact that I can eat this in Toronto means I don’t really need to revisit Japan ASAP.

this holiday season (COUNT=1342)

This holiday season, we visited his parents (and walked along the icy Georgian Trail). We visited my parents and progressed through my dad’s DVD collection.

Bullets over Broadway was quite hilarious. Gattaca fulfilled his need for Frank Lloyd Wright architecture and my need to watch my favorite movies over and over again. We watched the meticulous cleaning of glass at Neo. Always great coffee.

I picked up chicken liver at Chinatown. I also picked up some cute cards at Type Books.

Walking through Crown Flora + Greenhouse Juice Co

Me: Should we buy a plant for the bedroom?
Him: We should get rid of something first

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