leipzig & tokyo

soup @ misojyu

daily plate @ shashokudo

coffee @ artless

. . .

coffee @ vary

drinks @ kune

books @ drift

. . .

img src=misojyu


half windsor (COUNT=1653)

i++ half windsor

i++ coffee date @ muji (largest store outside of asia) ((toronto da best))

i++ non brunch @ eative with Ah Dur + V

i++ followed by card shopping @ kid icarus

i++ followed by window shopping @ soma (oh brave new world of calico cat cookies)

img src=ties.com

reading material is duty free


not_traveling was introduced in 2012 and now i welcome 2019 with not_buying. living in bermuda definitely helps me move in the right direction

nevertheless i enjoyed wandering around the soho cos store. eating free van leeuwen ice cream while Ah Dur shops for glasses. sales guy says: not centered. V says: sad and droopy

coffee + “the sadness of beautiful things” @ housing works bookstore cafe because reading material is duty free