west end

We are loving BDA very much but every time we visit t dot we debate where we would live when we eventually move back

Me: Gotta be cool and live in the west end within walking distance of giulietta (picture above)

Him: Not as good as bestellen used to be

Me: Well let’s move back to the Esplanade drinking coffee @ tandem and walking around berczy park

Him: Okay let’s just have a swizzle

to travel or not to travel

Traveling can definitely create a dependency

Achingly beautiful landscape enthralls and as my flight takes off from New Chitose airport, a train of thoughts move towards the next time. For my fifth trip to Japan, should I go to Kitakyushu? Or Sensuijima? Or revisit Wakayama

But before the first train can explode with possibilities, another train of thoughts interjects. Is this real? Or another thing I do so that I can pretend to understand reality without really understanding anything

I think the magic of Japan is the immersion in the here now, eating local, drinking local, buying local. But what is local for someone like me who has lived in different places my entire life?

This final train brings me back to

greenwood (the location of my first school in canada): roast @ pilot

coxwell (the location of our first rental in canada): brew @ godspeed

main street (home sweet home): bbq @ beach hill smokehouse