little hurricanes

Five years ago, I wrote: the everyday sublime? I think the answer is to find joy in the little volcanoes of ordinary life

Today: to find joy in the little hurricanes of ordinary life

Some roads are closed and bus depot without electricity

So we take the ferry together

The house is dark without electricity

So we make paella in the cast iron frying pan on the barbecue

grateful (COUNT=1531)


Me: This other unit has a nicer bathroom (see photo above)
Him: We have real travertine
Me: Okay we are better!


Gotta work both days this weekend but happy because he is making a healthy pasta dish (my contribution is the chopping of garlic and parsley while he zested the lemon)


Saturday coffee date @ Dark Horse Canary


Prior Saturday coffee date @ Tandem


Hot pot party with Benise (Benny + Denise)

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