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i++ cute cards from black lamb

i++ loving ali wong in always be my maybe

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Whereas for kyoto I had a very specific list, sapporo was more of a random walk

Obviously sushi and soft serve. Obviously the covered shopping street and moerenuma park

But I didn’t intend to go to the sapporo museum and only jumped on the sapporo smile bus because it was the first bus to pass by moerenuma park. At sapporo museum, indulged in melon beer and grilled mutton


What I found most appealing might be the underground walk way. Great art + design taking people to great places

p.s. still got 13 folders of unsorted pictures

bolzano: 99
cotopaxi: 99
gros morne: 71
hamilton ontario: 33

koyasan: 31
kumano: 48
kyoto: 72 (just uploaded above)
london: 59

quilatoa: 35
quito: 85
shiretoko: 67
twillingate: 99
venice: 35

traveling together: part ii

In 2017, I wrote: It was very clear from the beginning that we have different approaches to travel. Instead of pushing him to do all the things that I want to do, I figured it would be easier to start with his preferred approach and make changes slowly

Well, seven years later, it has come a full circle and we are doing things his way (i.e. taking it easy). For example, we slept in every single day during the chicago trip (but also very nice to sleep in at the very nice robey). Followed by a lazy stroll through IIT. Followed by happy hour cocktail @ dove’s (picture at top)

Is this the life?