half windsor (COUNT=1653)

i++ half windsor

i++ coffee date @ muji (largest store outside of asia) ((toronto da best))

i++ non brunch @ eative with Ah Dur + V

i++ followed by card shopping @ kid icarus

i++ followed by window shopping @ soma (oh brave new world of calico cat cookies)

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new york new york

Saturday: Connecticut via Midtown

Ippodo Tea


Dinner w/ Wei

Sunday: Queens via East Village

“What makes Black Seed bagels special is their texture — combining the soft, chewy New York-style with the dense, crispy Montreal-style”

Coffee @ Abraço

Creative Little Garden

“Akari: Sculpture by Other Means occupies the Museum’s second-floor galleries. It includes several installations that allow visitors to experience ways that Isamu Noguchi’s Akari—a modular ecosystem of lightweight, collapsible paper lanterns—can create and transform space”

Monday: Brooklyn

Breakfast @ Okonomi

Green Wood Cemetery

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