six days in tokyo: part i

part i

day 0: Train from airport. Check into MIMARU TOKYO AKASAKA. Savoy. “Italian flavor and tradition meets Japanese precision and dedication in this Tokyo pizzeria where they only do two types of pies, Marinara and Margherita. I’ve lived in Italy and while things sounds blasphemous the best pizza I’ve had in my life was here.” – Aziz Ansari

day 1: Coffee at Little Darling. Check out Aoyama Cemetery. Lunch at Aoyama Flower Market. Visit Nezu Museum (picture above). Dinner/beer at Smokehouse (picture below)

day 2: Breakfast at Sushi Sen (7 am). “squid with yuzu seasoning (¥198) and octopus with shiso and ume plum seasoning (¥198)”. Walk around Tsukiji. Lunch at Nakamura Tokichi and/or Starbucks. Sake tasting at Dassai Bar 23. Walk/shop around Ginza (e.g. G6 Tsutaya Book Store and G.Itoya) // Wagyu sushi at Teppanyaki Grow

day 3: Visit Meiji Shrine. Lunch at Think of Things. Train to Aizu

japan 2023?

1: stay claska in naka meguro

2: eat tokoshima (yakitori)

3: shop d department

4: eat seirinkan (pizza)

5: drink saryo (tea)(see img below)

6: drink artless (coffee)

7: eat king george (sandwich)

8: eat blacows (burger)

9: shop nadiff

10: eat ushigoro bambina “sirloin, prepared in two different ways: thinly cut in sukiyaki style with raw egg, and as a steak with the specially prepared onion sauce”

11: walk alpine route (see img above)

invisible fridge

“Notice anything missing? Our refrigerator sits below counter-level. The kitchen was intended to be more like a piece of furniture than a separate room. There are no tall objects; there’s not even a hood over the stove range. Whether it’s just the two of us, or a dinner party, the kitchen is a central part of the experience. I grew up in kitchens that were separate rooms, but everyone would still hang out in the kitchen and it closed us off from the rest of the house. I wanted to design a kitchen that was a part of the larger apartment.”

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