grateful (COUNT=1939)

“This series of six posters was designed by Massimo Vignelli, Beatriz Cifuentes and Yoshiki Waterhouse in 2013. Each is a tight crop of the New York City Subway Diagram at matching scale. The set has been printed in ten Pantone inks on acid-free archival cover-weight paper”

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train trip in japan

1: “kumiko woodwork that embellishes the interior of the Seven Stars does not use a single nail. Instead, each minuscule, thin, wooden chip is fitted together by hand in this traditional technique. Try your hand at assembling a kumiko woodwork, an art that has been handed down in Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, from the comfort of the train”

2: “forerunner of Japan’s sleeper trains, the Twilight Express ran between Osaka and Sapporo. Although the popular service was discontinued in 2015, its pride and tradition live on, in MIZUKAZE”

3: “every room is furnished with wall panels that use a very rare Joboji lacquer from Iwate Prefecture and closets that are designed to resemble traditional chests from Sendai City, displaying an uncompromising feeling of craftsmanship”

invisible fridge

“Notice anything missing? Our refrigerator sits below counter-level. The kitchen was intended to be more like a piece of furniture than a separate room. There are no tall objects; there’s not even a hood over the stove range. Whether it’s just the two of us, or a dinner party, the kitchen is a central part of the experience. I grew up in kitchens that were separate rooms, but everyone would still hang out in the kitchen and it closed us off from the rest of the house. I wanted to design a kitchen that was a part of the larger apartment.”

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