I have not been reading much murakami recently. In fact I have not been reading much

On the flight between HK and Toronto, I played and replayed burning. Replaying because I couldn’t resist this feeling that I had missed something important

Reading murakami can feel like waiting for the sun to set and this film evokes the same. “Gradually then suddenly”

Ben Sachs: “Yet in failing to bring the story to a satisfying conclusion, he manages to articulate the gnawing dissatisfaction that underlies much of Murakami’s writing”

downtime (COUNT=1666)

i++ “What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?” Arthur, informed by the earlier debate, asks “What do you mean? African or European swallow?” Since the troll cannot answer this question, he is defeated

i++ we usually watch old movies (e.g. if a movie is still available after thirty years it is likely to be good) but thinking about seeing crazy rich asians

i++ a normal-looking concrete wall that has in recent times proven to be a uniquely popular tourist attraction