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i++ “Grapefruit & Citron candle has lighter sweeter notes of mandarin and bergamot nestled within the sharp zesty grapefruit essence”

i++ Really good brioche buns for his really good burgers

i++ St Pierre crepes filled with chocolate and hazelnut filling

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married life

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of attending the amazing wedding of Darlin. I’m really not a wedding person but I’m thinking all weddings should be scheduled such that the kiss occurs at sunset. On the coast of British Colombia. Something about those silhouettes in that fading light.

– – –

After we got married in August 2014, many people asked: How’s married life?

My response: We’ve been living together for a while so the same as non-married life?

Looking back, maybe something did shift that summer. Because I haven’t had a my life is boring OMG moment since then.

[Jul 2014] Bought blush dress for Jenny’s wedding

[Aug 2014] Wore blush dress to my wedding

[Sep 2014] Visited Kogod Courtyard

[Oct 2014] Ate sushi for Denise Birthday @ Yasu

[Nov 2014] Saw Doctor Strangelove

[Dec 2014] Walked along the Esplanade in New Orleans

It’s not entirely clear.

– – –

Walking along the bamboo forest in Arashiyama, he decided that he wanted a grapefruit drink. So we bought two grapefruit drinks. It was expensive.

As I put down the one on the left, I said: Let me take a picture of my grapefruit

As he put down the one on the right, he said: Take a picture of my grapefruit too

The fashion couple that created the tiffany campaign are not together anymore.

We don’t have a shared bank account but maybe we should get a shared instagram account?

It’s not entirely clear.

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  • One of my favorite childhood memories: sitting on the back of mum’s bike as she rides along the river; wind in my hair; weeping willow billowing with new shoots in the spring
  • Crepe monsieur at Lady Marmalade; the guy in front of us in line was trying really hard to make the girl laugh awww
  • Archon’s new office is super cool
  • He is in love with la fin du monde
  • Cooking duck breast topped with ruby grapefruit segments
  • Lovely stay-cation in Summerhill