grateful (COUNT=1534)


i++ watching the snow

i++ for the holidays, each person in the Toronto office received a Favuzzi panettone (luv limoncello)

i++ lunch with Jess & Nimmie & Christina @ Sukho Thai


grateful (COUNT=1531)


Me: This other unit has a nicer bathroom (see photo above)
Him: We have real travertine
Me: Okay we are better!


Gotta work both days this weekend but happy because he is making a healthy pasta dish (my contribution is the chopping of garlic and parsley while he zested the lemon)


Saturday coffee date @ Dark Horse Canary


Prior Saturday coffee date @ Tandem


Hot pot party with Benise (Benny + Denise)

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grateful (COUNT=1416)


i++ Last Sunday, magazine reading @ offsite, one of “10 new coffee shops with the best interior design in Toronto” per blogto

i++ Last Saturday, people watching @ dark horse canary, another one of the 10

i++ Les pains au chocolat La Fournée Dorée

i++ Excellent STL dinner @ Bristol Seafood Grill

i++ Citrus BBQ party featuring pickled plum with lime zest, carrot sauteed in orange juice, fried lemon, kumquat and Jess’ super amazing Bergamot cake


grateful (COUNT=1348)

Not usually a wafer person but loacker lemon wafer is crazy good (2% lemon juice powder); chestnut millefoglie @ Sud Forno with Stephen & Denise; giant strawberry short cake from Anne & Josh; olive tasting @ Olive Ovation with Ann (the owner talks about olives the way I talk about math); Miku with Steven; same yet different @ Kinka Izakaya with Sahil, Jenny, James & Rach

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old things new


He is officially on a low sodium diet so I’m trying to reinvent our favorite recipes. For example, instead of parmesan crusted sole, I’m thinking break crumbs + lemon peel + lemon oil. Add
red cabbage slaw and we have a fish taco bowl.

Even without new constraints, I’m not a fan of redoing the same thing. The problem is that it’s never as good. Not because it’s actually less good but we can always find something wrong when there exists a basis for comparison.

Me: I wander what I should make for my dad’s birthday
Him: Why don’t you make that sesame-crusted tuna he liked
Me: But I already made it once

For 2017, I’m thinking seared scallops (with lime zest) + minced pork red curry (with arugula) + celery salad (with white hominy) + black bean soup (with tortilla).

how do you make lemonade if you can’t see the lemons?

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When I started my current job, at the end of each round, I would make a list of things that might happen in the next round. This year, I worked on eight different deals and somehow lost this habit. Not surprisingly, I ended up with more surprises. Next year, gotta do this consistently because how do you make lemonade if you can’t see the lemons?