grateful (COUNT=1416)


i++ Last Sunday, magazine reading @ offsite, one of “10 new coffee shops with the best interior design in Toronto” per blogto

i++ Last Saturday, people watching @ dark horse canary, another one of the 10

i++ Les pains au chocolat La Fournée Dorée

i++ Excellent STL dinner @ Bristol Seafood Grill

i++ Citrus BBQ party featuring pickled plum with lime zest, carrot sauteed in orange juice, fried lemon, kumquat and Jess’ super amazing Bergamot cake



mother’s day (draft)


Last year started planning in April. This year in March.

A. Pickled plum onion salad + lime zest + sweet shrimp

B. Sauteed carrot salad + orange zest

C. Chopped cauliflower garlic pasta + lemon zest

D. Pork + kumquat mustard sauce

E. Matcha x3 from Tsujiri