I have not been reading much murakami recently. In fact I have not been reading much

On the flight between HK and Toronto, I played and replayed burning. Replaying because I couldn’t resist this feeling that I had missed something important

Reading murakami can feel like waiting for the sun to set and this film evokes the same. “Gradually then suddenly”

Ben Sachs: “Yet in failing to bring the story to a satisfying conclusion, he manages to articulate the gnawing dissatisfaction that underlies much of Murakami’s writing”

sadness / beautiful things

Reading the book

A sacrifice: After another year, on one of their walks home, Reggie asked Celia to marry him. She quickly told him she couldn’t, but when they got to her boardinghouse he waited at the gate like always, to make sure she got safely inside. And because of this, she accepted his proposal the next day

The green blanket: Mrs Stucci sat straight up in her chair. “Victor! Please!” But then the edges of her mouth curled slightly. “I thought you’d forgotten about the green blanket”

The saddest case

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reading material is duty free


not_traveling was introduced in 2012 and now i welcome 2019 with not_buying. living in bermuda definitely helps me move in the right direction

nevertheless i enjoyed wandering around the soho cos store. eating free van leeuwen ice cream while Ah Dur shops for glasses. sales guy says: not centered. V says: sad and droopy

coffee + “the sadness of beautiful things” @ housing works bookstore cafe because reading material is duty free



at this most unexpected moment, the author recalls having felt the same sensation of two identically uneven paving stones under his feet years ago in Venice, in Saint Mark’s Square, and all that he saw and experienced there. He has the sudden conviction of a book existing within him, with all its details, only waiting to be realized


(taco munching with Ah Dur + V in chelsea market) ((scent of lime)) maybe my calling in life is to open a fish taco stand by the beach!

grateful (COUNT=1539)



Twenty below freezing outside but being the brave Canadians that we are, we braved the cold to maintain our coffee date tradition @ Fahrenheit (love the extra pulp sign)


He described the walk as Dickensian


Last week, coffee date @ pilot (union station renovation brings to mind grand central and that’s pretty amazing)


Viking Slice @ Danish Pastry House (also union station) which was our contribution to


Jess’ hot pot party (preserved egg + fish is really good)