little hurricanes

Five years ago, I wrote: the everyday sublime? I think the answer is to find joy in the little volcanoes of ordinary life

Today: to find joy in the little hurricanes of ordinary life

Some roads are closed and bus depot without electricity

So we take the ferry together

The house is dark without electricity

So we make paella in the cast iron frying pan on the barbecue

boring, not boring


It has been almost five years since the last “my life is boring” crisis. Living in Bermuda provides a sort of redefinition. On the one hand, there is no hipster coffee shop opening in my neighborhood every weekend; there is zero hipster coffee shop in my neighborhood. On the other hand, looking out the window is like looking into a GGM novel

We didn’t travel much in 2018 and will probably travel less in 2019 but planning a trip to Chicago. In 2012, we enjoyed Gold Coast; Oak Park; Wicker Park. In 2019, looking forward to

Wicker Park for chop shop

Humboldt Park for scofflaw: “gin-focused cocktail menu”

North Center (just realized this area is not called Roscoe Village) for bari zaki studio