japan countdown

can’t wait for Tokyo (he signed off already) (here i come matcha terrine) (every tokyo restaurant in ugly delicious season two)

1. tokyo (1993)
2. tokyo (2007)
3. osaka + koyasan + kumano kodo + kyoto (2017)
4. hokkaido (2019)
5. planning trip with mum and dad revisiting kyoto (2021)
6. tokyo + aizu (2022)
7. tokyo + hida (2023)
8. planning trip with ZoZo revisiting hokkaido (tbd)

p.s. france countdown


extra day in kyoto

Even though Kiyomizu-dera is under construction, there is still so much to do in Kyoto so spending an extra day there.

Segment #7: Walk around Nijō Castle from 3 pm to 5 pm (supposedly this place is very busy in the middle of the day). Tour Sanjo-kai Shotengai. Gotta see the Matatabi-sha Shrine which is right inside the shopping arcade. Also panscape, sesame crepe, yakiniku

Segment #8: 9 am paper shopping at Kamiji Kakimoto followed by 10 am tea at Ippodo. What should I buy at KIX? Last time got Hiyoko (ひよ子) at NRT (see picture above).

img src=tokyo-hiyoko

grateful (COUNT=1319)

img src=bahlsen

A few European snacks as a follow up to the Asian snack entry

i++ bahlsen dark chocolate afrika (German)
i++ trancetto cacao (Italian)
i++ whole wheat paris toast (French)

But of course the above are best paired with beverages invented in China five thousand years ago 🙂

i++ matcha
i++ earl grey: According to one legend, a grateful Chinese mandarin whose son was rescued from drowning by one of Lord Grey’s men first presented the blend to the Earl in 1803