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i++ his version of three dog night song: Zo is the loneliest baby

i++ kid version of expectation alignment: When we were having some challenges with our four-year-old son, my friend suggested I give him a rundown of our day in the morning so he’d know what to expect // I’ll say something that gets him thinking ahead about a situation that could be challenging, like “We’re going to a party where there will be lots of younger kids and you might need to be patient with them.” It feels natural now to include him in discussing our day ahead

grateful (COUNT=2034)

i++ spoon-tamago: When visitors to the venue line up, the notes act as a social distancing sticker, ensuring that appropriate distance is maintained between guests. But when the notes are stepped on, a sensor is activated and the actual sound of the note is emitted. Together, the notes play French composer and pianist Erik Satie’s Gymnopédie

i++ mamaot: the hard work they put into mastering each new skill serves as a foundation for tackling the next developmental milestone on the horizon. Babies’ inherently strong level of motivation helps them to continue on this arduous journey, constantly facing new challenges and overcoming them on a daily basis. The subsequent development that occurs during the first year of life is nothing short of a miracle

i++ nytimes: Deeper conversations help people become explicable to each other and themselves. You can’t really know yourself until you know how you express yourself and find yourself in another’s eyes

Find the disagreement under the disagreement: Conflict creates cooperative effort

The midwife model: sitting with an issue as it slowly changes under the pressure of joint attention

Make them authors, not witnesses: going over and over an event, seeing it from wider perspectives coating it with new layers of emotion, transforming it

listen: part i

hoping to finding more time to listen to music

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Um, I think I’ve just really got one kind of goal, where I want to push myself, and that’s simplicity – to try and strip things down as simply as possible, to just cut straight to the point without being so literal that it’s just really hard for the listener to try and interpret things for themselves. So if you write simple lyrics, as long as they kind of contrast with the music they are coupled with, then there’s a whole world of meaning in there. So it’s tricky, because you don’t want to write simple lyrics without any meaning, or recognising exactly what the song sounds like, or what the music sounds like. You want to contradict, so there’s a lot more space for feeling, emotions and interpretations. But simpler, I was just trying to get a lot simpler

~ karen o