zara interior print

zara interior print

For a while I’ve been saying: I don’t really like blue jeans. Back in April, I got him a pair of navy pants at Theory. Today, he got a pair of gray pants at Banana and two pairs of pants at Zara (navy and black). Yay!

While waiting at Zara, I got a t-shirt with interior print to go with jeans and sandals.


polyvore (count=1053)


Bought new shirt at Zara to go with my print pants and red flats. Love love the pockets!

Couldn’t find my actual pants and shoes on polyvore so inserted something similar. No way that I’m spending $800 on Balmain pants but I might get these shoes.

i++ for Zara
i++ for polyvore


Zara stripe top
67 CAD –

Balmain low rise pants
880 CAD –

Vegan leather shoes
47 CAD –