grateful (COUNT=1397)

1. He shared this picture with me
Him: Looks at the cute owls
Me: Why do you think they are owls?

2. Discussing Big Salt with Blair @ Taverna Mercatto; maybe South Core is okay after all!

3. Watching Big Chill (his mum’s fav movie): I often wonder whether I am more honest with friends made recently or friends I’ve known for decades; it’s probably easier to question the here and the now with old friends since we have a common frame of reference; at the same time perhaps we feel compelled to be consistent with the person we once were

4. Coffee with Tanya @ Crafted by Te Aro followed by

5. Ava Roth @ Loop Gallery followed by

6. Walking along Bloor Street like we used to

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mosel part ii


I have uploaded all my photos from the mosel valley, home of the steepest vineyards in Europe.

River view @ Haus Burgfrieden (our train was delayed! delayed train in Germany, how is this possible, we asked the owner; this train is always delayed, says the owner)

Hirschgulasch mit Pfifferlingen @ Dazert (there are many German words for beef, he says) (my filet mit Senfrahmsauce was delicious as well)

Cheese for Dinner @ Alte Gutschanke

Pickled Cherry Dessert @ Gaststatte Noss

Bicycle rental @ Schalt Werk (we got regular bike but ebike only EUR 20 per day)

Riesling tasting @ Stephan Treis and Franzen (picture above from Neef)

Interesting semi sweet red wine @ Peter Mentges

Lye roll @ Diewald supermarket


valentines (COUNT=1377)


1. Hon-Maguro Akami Wasabi-Ae @ Nami**: Blue fin tuna Akami diced and marinated with pickled wasabi leaves, hon-wasabi and house made *Tosa soy sauce topped with shredded Yamaimo (Japanese sticky yam) and Nori seaweed.

2. Americano @ Ebar: Watching the Nordstrom crowd

3. Villa Sandi Prosecco

4. New sweater for him (Bay Giving Day)

5. New sweater for me
Me: You haven’t washed my sheep sweater
Him: My Club Monaco sweater shrank so you can have it
Me: Yay!

** For a second, I thought: I need to revisit Japan ASAP. On second thought, the fact that I can eat this in Toronto means I don’t really need to revisit Japan ASAP.

grateful (COUNT=1358)


1. Had to work both days this weekend but it was nice watching the snow from TD center

2. Met up with Tanya for chai at simit & chai

3. His parents got some blood orange olive oil at Collingwood Olive Oil Co and it’s amazing with arugula

4. Lunch with Lisa @ new downtown location of Forno Cultura

5. Lunch with AJ @ Pizzeria Libretto on University: “turning every stone in the universe”