grateful (COUNT=1493)


i++ Jess’ school theme game night

i++ Scott’s BBQ: meeting mini-Jon, mini-Cliff x3, chickens x4

i++ Spoon from Forno Cultura (came with the frittata)

i++ Notepad (picture above) from 100 Yen Store (picture below)

i++ Celebrating Denise bday @ awai

i++ Preceded by Thai dessert @ Patchmon’s (check out the cute cartoon drawing of the owner)

DSC01164 (2)


harvest moon rising (COUNT=1483)


last night
turning from Pacific Avenue unto Bloor Street
we saw the harvest moon rising
(here is a crappy snapshot)
(maybe too many people are posting too many beautiful photos)

before that
grilled octopus + moscato @ bricco
(a note on notes of lychee
sometimes when I read this in a magazine
i wonder if it’s a nice way of saying smells like canned fruit
but this is the real thing)


before that
armed n simcoe @ rainhard brewing
notes of real lychee
(simcoe may just be the most interesting hop in the world)

before that
(best way to travel to japan without getting on an airplane)

before that
propeller coffee
(always a good way to start a long weekend)

midsummer night

It has not been a hot summer. Nevertheless I’m enjoying thinking about a cold winter day. Thinking about walking through the Christmas Tree selections outside the market. Thinking about falling snow falling. Falling.

img src=thisisglamorous

Also thinking about the seasons that have passed us by.

[January] RGA Skating Event

[February] Celebrating bday with Stephen + Denise @ Tutti Matti

[March] Celebrating Valentines: “I thought: I need to revisit Japan ASAP. On second thought, the fact that I can eat this in Toronto means I don’t really need to revisit Japan ASAP”

[April] Checking out his grandma’s quilts; she gets her patterns from St Jacobs

[May] Ramble around St James Cemetery: “There is nothing more romantic than graveyards in the spring. The memories of others, the scent of lilac and, going down a flight of stairs, a sense of hanami (花見)”

[August Bonus] Celebrating half-bday @ Rectory Cafe on Ward Island; “after Thanksgiving, however, the Rectory will close its doors for good

tsukemono (COUNT=1461)

Looking forward to pickle buffet in Kyoto

Yuzu Daikon (ゆず大根)

Sesame Daikon (ごま大根)

Yam Shiso (長芋しそ)

Komatsuna (小松菜): Japanese mustard spinach

Shibushi (柴漬): a traditional pickle in Kyoto, chopped eggplant and cucumber, leaves of red shiso are added and salted

Mibuna (壬生菜): an annual grass. One of the Kyo vegetables, it is certified as “traditional vegetables in Kyoto”

img src=akoya chaya

grateful (COUNT=1455)


i++ When I went to Waterloo, I probably walked through Atrium on Bay a hundred times on my way to the bus station but never really took note of anything; he really likes this space so we make a point of meandering through it during our coffee walks

i++ BBQ with Benise (Benny + Denise) on the patio; so many Neo cakes to try … black sasame is really good too!

i++ Catching up with Mathieu @ Sabai Sabai; potato chip story!

i++ Catching up with Yiyi @ Café Boulud (summerlicious)

i++ Catching up with Marco @ Fat Lamb Kouzina

i++ Finally checked out the Inuit Art Museum; I see bike racks around the TD center everyday when I come to the office but, because it’s an elevated section within the lobby, the view of the bike rack is different

TD South Tower from Inuit Art Gallery

grateful (COUNT=1419)


i++ Adelaide Eats with Jess/Pamela/Christina/Nimmie: I got five spice duck which is like duck confit with pickled mustard greens; Nimmie’s tuna looked good too!

i++ RGA Summer Event: Backyard Axe Throwing League + Cherry Street BBQ

i++ RGA Skating Event: I got too excited and almost wiped out and Jess/Jasper tried to save me