slushland spring

Dear Therapist: This is why I suggest that if you’re going to invest money in your children, you use it to pay for family therapy. Family therapy will provide an environment where you can get to know your children better, and they in turn can hear you better. It will help clear the air and repair lingering issues from the past and teach the whole family more productive ways of interacting. And finally, you’ll all have the opportunity to understand not only one another, but yourselves individually, with less projection, distortion, and faulty assumptions

I think one of the reasons that we have a mostly functional partnership is that he responds to my “projection, distortion, and faulty assumptions” with humor. For example, when I say “have you considered these three alternatives to your current method of solving this problem”, he sings “tell me what to do” to the tune of “fly me to the moon”

I would like to have the same dynamic with Zo but it might be more difficult within a parent child context. For example, when my dad says “you should try harder” or my mum says “you never cried as a baby”, I am at a loss

Within a partnership context, the expectation is that we need to invest time/energy to get to know each other. Within a parent child context, it is easy to assume that there exists a common perspective. But really why should there be a common perspective?

Snow came early this year. In the spring, I look forward to seeing children playing in the slush. Who is to say what is the right way to splash around partially melted snow and make a mess of everything?


grateful (COUNT=1358)


1. Had to work both days this weekend but it was nice watching the snow from TD center

2. Met up with Tanya for chai at simit & chai

3. His parents got some blood orange olive oil at Collingwood Olive Oil Co and it’s amazing with arugula

4. Lunch with Lisa @ new downtown location of Forno Cultura

5. Lunch with AJ @ Pizzeria Libretto on University: “turning every stone in the universe”

proof by infinite descent (COUNT=1153)


  • Snowflakes descending on BCE place: “Drawing from the other artworks in the series, Flurry takes its inspiration from the iconic architecture of Brookfield Place and from recurring patterns in nature. In Flurry, each snowflake is shaped through a deconstruction of the Galleria’s structural columns – the familiar Y shapes are combined and reconfigured to create 6-sided snowflakes, and highlight a conceptual connection between the fractal geometry of the building to that of trees and crystals in nature.”
  • Listening to Gerald Clayton play Oscar Peterson @ Koerner Hall

grateful (count=641)

  • last time in vegas, I pranced around the valley of fire (img above); this time will do a real run
  • dinner with Steven and Wendy at Patria; luv the wild mushroom paella; delish date dish reminded me of Avec
  • making lamb stew with lots and lots of cumin and dash of brown sugar
  • saturday had to go to Pearson to renew Nexus so we did our usual coffee date on the subway; the red engine of a Canadian Pacific train half visible through the falling snow
  • Naveed’s new hire Farron has crazy/fun stories about working in Indonesia
  • kawaii running comic

img via 2cupsnrun

first snowstorm of 2014 descends (count=609)

  • The first snowstorm of 2014 descends …
  • … and I remember this melody: And all my life i’ve stumbled // But up here i am just perfect // Perfect as i’ll ever be
  • Fav film for 2013 is completely predictable: before midnight; if you want true love then this is it this is real life it’s not perfect but it’s real and if you can’t see it then you are blind i give up
  • Resolution for 2014: never give up