grateful (COUNT=1669)

i++ not a fan of folding stuff (if total is less than 99 then everything fits in closet) but konmari is so cute

i++ big pack of paper towel from price rite woo hoo

i++ we usually go to The Swizzle once a month to have a Swizzle; this month we said what the heck we feel like having a margarita (he got with ice i got without ice)


grateful (COUNT=1632)

i++ hanging out @ ben mcnally

i++ reading “lost time: lectures on proust in a soviet prison camp” because somewhat involuntary memories of involuntary memories is just so meta

i++ sipping toronto @ boxcar social

i++ munching root veg salad @ sud forno

i++ viking slice for him


taking long island rail road was lovely but i had no luck with the subway. somehow ended up on an express train and had to walk two miles and entered into the closest open door. dead phone battery resucitated by grapefruit mimosa

taking metro north to stamford was also lovely. reading the subtle art of not giving a. choco snowman for nora + the calibration of calamari + singing in a new house

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boring, not boring


It has been almost five years since the last “my life is boring” crisis. Living in Bermuda provides a sort of redefinition. On the one hand, there is no hipster coffee shop opening in my neighborhood every weekend; there is zero hipster coffee shop in my neighborhood. On the other hand, looking out the window is like looking into a GGM novel

We didn’t travel much in 2018 and will probably travel less in 2019 but planning a trip to Chicago. In 2012, we enjoyed Gold Coast; Oak Park; Wicker Park. In 2019, looking forward to

Wicker Park for chop shop

Humboldt Park for scofflaw: “gin-focused cocktail menu”

North Center (just realized this area is not called Roscoe Village) for bari zaki studio