maybe_buying: poo drops + irish whiskey


what shall i get on this trip to dublin and london?

aesop poo drops + irish whiskey?

p.s. other candidates in the blind tasting line up

1 Glenlivet Moray, Scotland
2 Yoichi Hokkaido, Japan
3 TBD Dublin, Ireland
4 TBD Kentucky, USA
5 Glenbreton Nova Scotia, Canada

spirit (COUNT=1826)

i++ minimalist home bar

i++ team drinks @ the princess

i++ team drinks @ elbow beach

i++ sky high negroni: Seth Weinberg of Bourbon Steak Nashville loves a classic Italian Negroni, but “It requires some pre-planning; buy a few small screw-top vial bottles that can be found on Amazon.” Then, add equal parts (usually 1oz will do the trick) Campari, Gin, and Sweet Vermouth. We do note that drinking your own liquor on flights is not allowed, so proceed with caution

img src=scandi standard