four days in BOS


Since there are lots of flights between BOS and BDA, we are planning a four day trip to Boston

> Carl and I stayed with Mandy in The North End so this time The South End (dashing red bricks per picture above)

> Eat @ South End Buttery – Wild Mushroom Omelette

> Eat Some More @ Coppa – Crudo di Pesce – fluke, orange oil, pickled peach, almond

> Coffee Date @ Render

> Another Coffee Date @ Pavement Coffee Newbury

> Check out Olives & Grace




Pretty much done unpacking and going through good luck cards; luv the kite one from Jess!

The move did result in some casualties
> sushi plate broke while we were debating the positioning of the carpet; best practice for next move would be do NOT unpack breakables until carpet positioning has been finalized
> doggie magnets savagely thrown out while SOMEONE packed up our Toronto condo

Overall very happy with our Bermuda house

img src=mouraandassociates

city of craft (COUNT=1335)

img src=fidoodle

Saturday, we grabbed coffee at Pilot @ Union Station before I met up with Denise for some shopping at city of craft. I got baby moose rattler from fidoodle and greeting cards from tough luck. Also saw some delicate sumo dolls and beautiful paper cuts. On the way home, I stopped by a Chinese grocery on Spadina and stocked up on tripe and other delightful things.


img src=torontolife

As usual, people are chatting about how much it costs to buy a house in Toronto these days. Personally, I’m not too worried since I plan to move into my parents’ place in 2026, when SmartTrack/RER is hopefully complete.

I used to be really into modern homes. And although it is possible to build modern homes that respect non-modern neighborhoods, traveling through Germany makes me appreciate the beauty of consistency. Speaking of consistency, I think it’s nice to maintain a non-modern layout in a non-modern house.


zara interior print

zara interior print

For a while I’ve been saying: I don’t really like blue jeans. Back in April, I got him a pair of navy pants at Theory. Today, he got a pair of gray pants at Banana and two pairs of pants at Zara (navy and black). Yay!

While waiting at Zara, I got a t-shirt with interior print to go with jeans and sandals.