if the question does not fit the narrative

Before he moved in, I didn’t watch any television other than Amazing Race. He wanted to watch masterchef where Claudia inspired me to play with Mexican flavors. Then I wanted to watch Anthony Bourdain where Scott’s BBQ put Hemingway South Carolina on our map. Then he wanted to watch Action Bronson … what I enjoyed most last year is Race for the White House … if the question does not fit the narrative … embrace it … then redefine it!

“You know people who’ve lost their jobs and lost their homes? Well, I’ve been governor of a small state for 12 years. I’ll tell you how it’s affected me. Every year Congress and the president sign laws that make us do more things and gives us less money to do it with. I see people in my state, middle-class people — their taxes have gone up in Washington and their services have gone down while the wealthy have gotten tax cuts. I have seen what’s happened in this last four years when — in my state, when people lose their jobs there’s a good chance I’ll know them by their names. When a factory closes, I know the people who ran it. When the businesses go bankrupt, I know them. What I want you to understand is the national debt is not the only cause of that. It is because America has not invested in its people. We’ve had four years where we’ve produced no private-sector jobs. Most people are working harder for less money than they were making 10 years ago. And this decision you’re about to make better be about what kind of economic theory you want, not just people saying I’m going to go fix it but what are we going to do? I think we have to do is invest in American jobs, American education, control American health care costs and bring the American people together again.”

northwest by north

So we are eating dinner and watching “New Friends in Strange Places: F*CK, THAT’S DELICIOUS”. Reminded me to continue on from this last post.

Day 5 of OR/WA Trip: driving from Willamette Valley to PDX with a detour to visit Frank Lloyd Wright + Christopher Brown Quartet at Jimmy Mak’s


Day 6 of OR/WA Trip: Japanese Garden + Viking Soul Food + Spin Laundry Lounge


Day 7 of OR/WA Trip: Chinese Garden + Christopher David + Oblation Paper

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Day 8 of OR/WA Trip: Ristretto Roasters + Lark Press + driving to Seattle

Day 9 of OR/WA Trip: The Library + Cafe Presse


Day 10 of OR/WA Trip: Uni with Feifei, Larry & Duke + last night in Seattle

Day 11 of OR/WA Trip: Starbucks at Columbia Center then home sweet home