He’s been thinking about visiting Charleston since we saw Scott’s BBQ (yes Hemingway South Carolina) on Parts Unknown (new season starting this week). Now I’m making plans. I’m using the OR/WA template as opposed to the Louisiana template because this will be a slightly longer trip.

First Day of OR/WA Trip: Fly into Seattle, drive 60 minutes to Olympia (the state capital), drive 2.5 hour to Hood River, old board head barley wine @ full sail

First Day of NC/SC Trip: Fly into Charlotte, drive 90 minutes to Columbia (the state capital), eat po’boy @ bourbon, drive two hours to Charleston

Second Day of OR/WA Trip: Bike the fruit loop

Second Day of NC/SC Trip: Walk around Charleston

Third Day of OR/WA Trip: Drive to Willamette Valley via Columbia Gorge

Third Day of NC/SC Trip: Drive to Magnolia Gardens

Fourth Day of OR/WA Trip: Drive to Tillamook via elk cove (see picture above) & willakenzie, hike cape lookout

Fourth Day of NC/SC Trip: Drive to Middleton Place

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Even though I lived in Chicago for three years, I was never that interested in Mexican food to be honest. When I traveled in Mexico, I loved the ceviche but that says more about my love for raw fish than anything else. Watching Claudia cook throughout this season of masterchef has inspired me to try a bit harder. My first pick: xola!


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  • finding underpass park because each day is a new adventure
  • finding bessarion – a hilarious ttc adventure
  • haven’t really watched television since amazing race but he’s getting me into masterchef (watching lynn sweating over banquet plates makes me sweat!)
  • people watching in berczy park (seeing a place I pass thru everyday in a new way)
  • second coffee date this weekend at redline coffee