grateful (count=987)


Me: You never plan anything
Him: What?! I took you to a film festival on Friday
Me: Seven short films do not make a film festival

  • Nevertheless we had a great time at the Gardiner museum
  • Three Penny Opera with Ann in STL
  • Delish soju with Denise/Stephen at Han Ba Tang
  • Met Amelia for the first time; yay happy baby


365 grateful project (count=176)

  • New Idea Fest at Alumnae Theatre: He says he likes the second play the best because it was the most realistic; I say I like the second play the best because it was the most absurd; the play is about the meeting of two women at a laundromat; the old woman thinks life is a play; the young woman thinks life is a reality TV series.
  • Preceded by Mylk Uncookies for milk (almond milk latte) and cookies (not usually a cookie person but this cookie has more salty choco than cookie).
  • The barista at Crema has been giving me double stamps for some reason, so I’m getting a free cappuccino every other week.
  • Lunchbox Exchange: When I cook, he gets to bring the leftover for lunch; when he cooks, I get to bring the leftover for lunch.
  • Dinner at the Rosedale Diner; loved the apple cake and the duck confit (in a cassis veal jus).
  • Health Mandate: I ask him if he thinks it’s constitutional; he says “No Act of Parliament can be unconstitutional, for the law of the land knows not the word or the idea”.

365 grateful project (count=146)

  • architizer: The New York Times quotes MoMA’s chief curator of architecture and design (and jury member) Barry Bergdoll, who says that Wendy is “pro-active, it’s not apologetic… It’s going to be amazing from the No. 7 train!”
  • Penny Plain much darker than I expected; yes I expected romance at the end of the world to be more lighthearted; zoomermag: “The plot intrigues, and at points seems inspired by something out of Beckett or Arthur Miller. // One of the highlights is the appearance of Geppetto and his grown son. The symbolism, in terms of the plot and of the character’s relation to Burkett himself, is ripe for interpretation”
  • preceded by the always delish smoked salmon sandwich from petit four; last ate there with Yiding; can’t believe I haven’t been there for four months; used to go there every week when I worked at OW
  • T+T’s sticky black rice bun is my idea of real fusion: layer of (flower scented?) sticky black rice between french bread)
  • trio of green tea snacks: cracker with green tea leaves; uji green tea cream sandwich; matcha meltykiss

365 grateful project (count=91)

  • Brunch inspired by petitekitchenesse. Yes, romantic morning of self.
  • Preceded by ravine walk with Tanya.
  • Followed by hotpot with Haina, Steven and Albert. Sesame tofu ice cream versus Häagen-Dazs.
  • The Double. Exactly how I imagined Dostoevsky’s funny. First time at the studio, which is more intimate than the main stage. Love love Factory Theatre.
  • Preceded by Sense Appeal Americano to go. Last timehe got Americano and I got Cappuccino.
  • oxford comma

How to imagine St Petersburg in Toronto

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Steven and Haina decided to visit St Petersburg this year.

I decided to find the best guide to St Petersburg.

Why this site is so disorienting // Most websites and city guides try to make things easy for their users. This one does not. // In fact, it deliberately sets out to lead its visitors astray, to tempt them down unknown paths, to plunge them into the thick of the St Petersburg fog. In short, to get them well and truly lost.”

It is not hard to name a film that leaves too little to the imagination. Can the same be said of traveling? Maybe the only thing better than visiting St Petersburg is not visiting St Petersburg.

How to imagine St Petersburg in Toronto
+The Double (play & film)
+Russian Revolution Reenactment
+25 dollar tickets to Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 11 “The Year 1905
+Does throwing a shot of vodka into an Americano make it a Russo?