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i++ themamasphysio: You can move WHILE breastfeeding by looking up from your baby from time to time. If you are sitting, you can move your neck backwards, tilt your head side to side, or rotate it from left to right. Move slowly and mindfully. Move without pain and see if you can move into deeper ranges of motion after several repetitions

i++ he will teach Zo to leaves messages with cute pictures in visitor logs when we visit japan


japan countdown

can’t wait for Tokyo (he signed off already) (here i come matcha terrine) (every tokyo restaurant in ugly delicious season two)

1. tokyo (1993)
2. tokyo (2007)
3. osaka + koyasan + kumano kodo + kyoto (2017)
4. hokkaido (2019)
5. planning trip with mum and dad revisiting kyoto (2021)
6. tokyo + aizu (2022)
7. tokyo + hida (2023)
8. planning trip with ZoZo revisiting hokkaido (tbd)

p.s. france countdown

six days in tokyo: part ii

day 0: Train from Yamadera. Check into LANDABOUT TOKYO. Dinner at Beer Bar Marumaru Okachimachi “another of northern Tokyo’s craft beer hot spots, that specializes in beer from Shizuoka Prefecture, and compliments the brews with a selection of Italian-style cooking made using fresh ingredients from the countryside”

day 1: Breakfast at Kayaba Coffee. Check out Uenosakuragi Atari (see img above) and Yanaka Cemetery. Dinner at Take Sushi

day 2: Coffee at Fuglen (see img below). Breakfast at Misojyu. “On the menu you’ll find traditional miso soup but also some unconventional flavors like soy milk miso soup and tomato miso soup” Visit Tokyo Skytree and Ameshin. Omakase dinner at Torisawa

day 3: Visit Rikugien. “Built around 1700 for the 5th Tokugawa Shogun, Rikugien literally means six poems garden and reproduces in miniature 88 scenes from famous poems”. Tea at 吹上茶屋. Train to airport

p.s. six days in tokyo: part i

six days in tokyo: part i

part i

day 0: Train from airport. Check into MIMARU TOKYO AKASAKA. Savoy. “Italian flavor and tradition meets Japanese precision and dedication in this Tokyo pizzeria where they only do two types of pies, Marinara and Margherita. I’ve lived in Italy and while things sounds blasphemous the best pizza I’ve had in my life was here.” – Aziz Ansari

day 1: Coffee at Little Darling. Check out Aoyama Cemetery. Lunch at Aoyama Flower Market. Visit Nezu Museum (picture above). Dinner/beer at Smokehouse (picture below)

day 2: Breakfast at Sushi Sen (7 am). “squid with yuzu seasoning (¥198) and octopus with shiso and ume plum seasoning (¥198)”. Walk around Tsukiji. Lunch at Nakamura Tokichi and/or Starbucks. Sake tasting at Dassai Bar 23. Walk/shop around Ginza (e.g. G6 Tsutaya Book Store and G.Itoya) // Wagyu sushi at Teppanyaki Grow

day 3: Visit Meiji Shrine. Lunch at Think of Things. Train to Aizu