mosel part ii


I have uploaded all my photos from the mosel valley, home of the steepest vineyards in Europe.

River view @ Haus Burgfrieden (our train was delayed! delayed train in Germany, how is this possible, we asked the owner; this train is always delayed, says the owner)

Hirschgulasch mit Pfifferlingen @ Dazert (there are many German words for beef, he says) (my filet mit Senfrahmsauce was delicious as well)

Cheese for Dinner @ Alte Gutschanke

Pickled Cherry Dessert @ Gaststatte Noss

Bicycle rental @ Schalt Werk (we got regular bike but ebike only EUR 20 per day)

Riesling tasting @ Stephan Treis and Franzen (picture above from Neef)

Interesting semi sweet red wine @ Peter Mentges

Lye roll @ Diewald supermarket




He’s been thinking about visiting Charleston since we saw Scott’s BBQ (yes Hemingway South Carolina) on Parts Unknown (new season starting this week). Now I’m making plans. I’m using the OR/WA template as opposed to the Louisiana template because this will be a slightly longer trip.

First Day of OR/WA Trip: Fly into Seattle, drive 60 minutes to Olympia (the state capital), drive 2.5 hour to Hood River, old board head barley wine @ full sail

First Day of NC/SC Trip: Fly into Charlotte, drive 90 minutes to Columbia (the state capital), eat po’boy @ bourbon, drive two hours to Charleston

Second Day of OR/WA Trip: Bike the fruit loop

Second Day of NC/SC Trip: Walk around Charleston

Third Day of OR/WA Trip: Drive to Willamette Valley via Columbia Gorge

Third Day of NC/SC Trip: Drive to Magnolia Gardens

Fourth Day of OR/WA Trip: Drive to Tillamook via elk cove (see picture above) & willakenzie, hike cape lookout

Fourth Day of NC/SC Trip: Drive to Middleton Place

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collingwood (count=1081)


Up to 2012, I was a big fan of Niagara on the Lake. Then it felt too big.

Up to 2014, I was a big fan of Prince Edward County. Then the Drake hotel opened.

In 2015, I’m rooting for Collingwood. After coming here to ski for many years and getting married here last year, it’s really growing on me.

  • i++ Biking from Collingwood to Meaford
  • i++ Stopping at Thornbury Bakery Cafe for a scorn bursting with blueberries
  • i++ Biking back from Meaford to Collingwood
  • i++ Stopping at Cheese Gallery for charcuterie
  • i++ Pickled asparagus paired with
  • i++ Coffin Ridge Cider
  • i++ Driving by Georgian Hills and tasting
  • i++ Seyval Blanc; I’ve avoided this in the past because it’s known as East Coast Chardonnay and I’m not much of a Chardonnay person but this was perfect
  • i++ Geek soap @ dags & willow
  • i++ Last but not least … spending thanksgiving with his family!


Tillamook: new plan!

Originally, I planned to drink+bike around Willamette Valley as well as Mount Hood but now he says his butt hurts.

He said: I rode up two thousand meters yesterday
I said: Actually, it’s less than one thousand

So here is my new plan.

8: Grab coffee at Chrysalis; 8 on the west coast is 11 in Toronto so I’m really not being a slave driver
9: Cook breakfast; pack snacks for the road
10: Drive twenty minutes from McMinnville to WillaKenzie and taste pinot noir
11: Drive twenty minutes from WillaKenzie to Elk Cove and taste pinot gris; yes it’s not in the right order and we will be sure to drink water in between
12: Dive one hour from Elk Cove to Tillamook: Pacific Oyster Company; Tillamook Cheese Factory; De Garde Brewing; Meares Lighthouse; The Schooner; Cape Lookout; Cape Kiwanda

10: Taste pinot at Achery
11: Taste bubbly at Argyle
12: Taste gewurztraminer at Amity
2: Tour Gordon House; his pick!

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pacific northwest part ii (count=1021)

img src=Douglas Orton

Today is the biking day. If it were sunny, I would have wanted to bike up to Panorama Point Park. Since it was rainy, there was no chance of seeing Mount Hood. Thank goodness because it is hilly around here.

i++: First stop was Pearl’s Place. While I munched on juicy snow white peaches, he gave me an evil look. I assured him that the road ahead is not so steep.

i++: Easy ride to Mount Hood Winery. I enjoyed tasting the Pinot and the Pinot Reserve side by side.

i++ Easy ride to Fox Tail Cider. Love the Fuzzy Haven peach cider. Not sweet but smells peachy keen.

i++ Not so easy ride to Hood River Lavender Farm up Straight Hill Road. Is this called that because it goes straight up?! Delish lavender lemonade.

i++ Not so easy ride to Cascade Alpacas Farm. Such cute babies. He got a pair of alpaca wool socks. They are hard-earned, he says.

i++ I meant to take Wyeast Roard but got onto Canyon Road. Downhill blur as the trees rushed by.