lean in

I realize that it’s only August but I think this will be my favorite book this year. My general belief with regard to career management is that, if I have a valuable skill set, I will be able to find interesting opportunities and everything will turn out great. My biggest concern is that I’m not learning as much as I could be and therefore my skill set is not as valuable as it could be. I’d like to think that this “could be” is intrinsic (i.e. I don’t like to compare myself with other people). Nevertheless, sometimes when I read glossy success stories, I’m like … how is it that this person who is about the same age as me knows how to do all these things?! Sheryl’s answer is … you ask for the opportunity to do it and keep doing it until you get good at it.

“After working at Google for more than four years, managing well over half of the company’s revenues, I was embarrassed to admit that I had never negotiated a business deal. Not one. So I gathered my courage and came clean to my boss, Omid Kordestani, then head of sales and business development. Omid was willing to give me a chance to run a small deal team. ” … “In that first deal, I said too much.” … “Once I identified this weakness, I sought help to correct it.”


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