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Stumbled upon an interesting blog with an interesting quote: WHEN I WRITE OF HUNGER, I AM REALLY WRITING ABOUT LOVE (M.F.K. Fisher)

Usually eat a lot of veg for lunch on Monday and Tuesday because my mum gives us a lot on Sunday (e.g. bitter melon, green bean, turnip). Trying for more veg at lunch on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Wed to Fri Lunch Plan
3L Poached chicken + bean sprout with mushroom
4L Calamari + leek + cauliflower rice
5L Pork chop + butter bean celery salad with lime zest

Tue to Fri Dinner Plan
2D Garlicky shrimp + bean sprout with mushroom
3D Pork chop + vinegary cherry tomato + cauliflower rice
4D Poached chicken with paprika sauce + butter bean celery salad with lime zest
5D Poached salmon + guacamole + asparagus

Brussel sprout can substitute for bean sprout
Baked carrots can subsitute for cauliflower rice
Red cabbage slaw can substitute for celery salad

6B Sat Brunch = breaded chicken + quiche
6D Sat Dinner = BBQ
7B Sun Brunch = pancake
7D Sun Dinner = mum’s


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