salar de uyuni


In 2012, the uyuni trip was postponed. In retrospect, it was a good outcome because Jerusalem better reflected my mood at that time.

In 2015, it finally happened: “our driver asked why I’m always running away from the vehicle. To get a different perspective, I said.” After the lights of Copacabana and the heights of La Paz, I found myself literally on the beaten path.


Walking away from the salt hotel at sunrise, I’m surrounded by the tracks of tourist trucks. Walking away from the tracks, I see a mirage on the horizon.


Walking towards the horizon, it’s a plastic bottle? And after two years, I’m still struggling with how to respond to it. Let’s suppose the likely impossible scenario that one finds a plastic bottle in the dry garden of Ryoan-ji. How should one respond to it? Does a plastic bottle have buddha nature or not?

P.S. Mum + Dad playing tourists



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